Holistic Products Safe For You and Your Little One

Happy National Baby Safety Month! We are thankful for all of the parents who strive to ensure their child's health and happiness. Unfortunately, many products bury harmful ingredients, including petrochemicals and synthetic fragrances, in jargon-filled lists. We believe natural is always better, which is why we’ve created holistic products that nourish skin without toxic chemicals. Here are our top picks for peace of mind!

First Aid Cream Our First Aid Cream contains soothing ingredients like aloe vera, lavender, cucumber and green tea to combat a variety of ills. This emollient blend is perfect for alleviating pain from bites, scrapes and even diaper rash. Throw it in your bag and keep your baby’s skin hydrated all day!

Asthma and Sinus Blend Often, infants can suffer from bronchial coughs, chronic lung congestion and asthma. Speak to your doctor about these complications and use our relieving Asthma and Sinus Blend to help your baby breathe easy and finally get some sleep.

Lavender Body Butter We love including lavender in our baby-safe products because of its ability to calm without being overwhelmingly fragrant. Our Lavender Body Butter contains lavender essential oil to naturally relax your child.

Face Cream Simple Our “simple” products are made without aromatherapeutic elements, allowing you to add your own essential oils or keep it scent-free. This Face Cream will help skin retain moisture and protect against problems like windburn. It’s ideal if you prefer a unique scent or if your baby is extra sensitive to smells!

Raising a child is a whirlwind. With products you can trust, you will never have to worry about synthetic chemicals possibly affecting your baby’s unique health and skin. We hope you opt for natural products, and if you have any questions or comments, we would love to be of service on Twitter at @SourceVital!

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