Natural ways to stop the itching

It’s no secret that we love the outdoors. However, sometimes its inhabitants can be less than friendly. Mosquitos are an almost constant presence during the summer months, covering kids and adults in unsightly, painful, and possibly dangerous bites. If you’re wary of chemical-based products, counter nature with nature. Here’s our list of the best natural insect repellents!

Essential Oils Certain essential oils not only nourish your body, but also deter insects. Lavandin Super can alleviate acne, allergies, sunburn, and fatigue at the same time as it decreases the damaging effects of insect stings and wards away pests. Cedarwood Texas, with its pleasant woody scent, also repels insects without an acidic synthetic smell.

First Aid Spray Itching increases the likelihood of scarring. Luckily, our First Aid Spray contains aloe vera and other soothing products to help you forget the bite is even there. This product is gentle enough to use on small children, and with ingredients like lavender, spearmint, chamomile and cucumber, it smells as calming as it feels.

Scar Treatment Kit To prevent insect bites from scarring and to lessen the visibility of past marks, use our Body Scar Treatment Kit. This trio includes Algae Nutrio tablets, Silt Body Scrub, and First Aid Spray to encourage healing, stimulate cell renewal and calm irritated skin.

With these tips, you’ll be one step ahead of the mosquitos every time. Enjoy your time outside, and please feel free to let us know on Twitter at @SourceVital if you have questions or comments!

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