Benefits of Eating Local

You’ve probably heard it as a buzzword lately, but “eat local” is much more than a trend or a catch phrase. It’s a lifestyle. Eating locally will connect you to your food and give you more awareness of what you’re actually eating, while giving you more nutrients and helping the environment. Summer is the perfect time to make the switch to eating local. Longer days make for more time to head to local farmer’s markets. Summer months also boast a broad selection of fruits and veggies in season from cherries and peaches to zucchini and snap peas. Here are a few more reasons why we support eating local in our holistic approach to life.

  • Produce tastes better! Fresh really is best. When food comes straight off the vine instead of spending days en route to its final destination, it tastes fresher and isn’t tainted by chemicals.
  • Environmentally friendly. Eating food from local farmers reduces the amount of miles traveled (and, therefore, carbon emissions) and eliminates unnecessary packaging and waste.
  • Seasonal eating = new ingredients. A byproduct of eating local is the exposure to new ingredients. Enjoy the challenge, get creative, and explore new recipes!
  • It’s good for local economiesWouldn’t you rather support someone you know? Buying local keeps the profits within the community, so everyone wins!

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