Diffusion Blends for Relaxation, Therapy and Sinus Relief

There are two ways to use pure essential oils—through the skin and by inhalation. Inhaling pure essential oils not only makes your environment smell great, but it also brings therapeutic benefits. We’ve developed diffusion blends using our pure essential oils. There’s something for everyone!

Your first step is to find a diffuser that works for you! Our tip is to find one that’s portable so you can easily bring it to work or school and back home. Then, choose a diffusion blend that’ll help your mind, body and spirit. Here are a few of our favorites!

Tranquil - This blend is relaxing and calming, perfect for a stressful day when you need to unwind.

Respiratory - Deep breathing is encouraged by this blend. It’ll help relieve coughing, flu symptoms and sinus issues.

Serene - We like to call this one our “aromatherapy glass of wine.” It’ll gently sedate and relax you.

Citrus - Consider this blend your morning cup of coffee. This uplifting and energetic blend of citrus oils will lift your mood and spirit.

Our expert tip? Use a timer for your diffuser! That way you won't waste essential oil by diffusing all day when you're not home. What’s your favorite diffusion blend? Give us a shout on Twitter at @SourceVital to let us know!

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