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Essential Oils, Good! Synthetic Perfumes, Bad!

This is not new news, but it is important news and worth repeating.

Yes, we are going to talk about synthetic fragrances again! The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics releases reports from time to time about the dangers of synthetic colognes and perfumes. In 2010, Campaign for Safe Cosmetics commissioned an independent lab to test 17 popular perfumes and partnered with the Environmental Working Group to access the data.

The main focus of this study was  "secret" ingredients- those ingredients that do not have to be disclosed to the public because of a loophole in the law which allows manufacturers to hide these ingredients as "proprietary" or trade secrets. (This practice of nondisclosure is used regularly in body and skin care labeling.)

This study confirms what previous studies have shown for years. It confirms that synthetic scent is, for many reasons, unhealthy. This is not just about the initial users of perfume, cologne, etc. Not unlike cigarette smoke, it affects people second-hand. These products range from high-end perfumes and colognes, household cleansers,  baby products- any product that has a scent!

With so many synthetically scented products in use, both in our work sites and homes, the public will and should become more and more concerned and knowledgeable about these fragrance dangers. Please take a little time and read this information.

Below is the link to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics findings. If you scroll down that page, you can click on the detailed study and other related articles. This includes the actual list of perfumes that were tested and what was found in them. http://safecosmetics.org/article.php?id=644

Not only are pure essential oils used in our products for scenting, but also for their healthful properties. We only use essential oils to scent out products. No synthetic scents here!

Kathy Pope is a Co-Owner and Vice President of Source Vitál Apothecary. She's been with the company for more than 15 years in numerous roles. She is the sister of Source Vitál founder, Jerry Pope, and an avid beauty and skin care product user. She brings you content on ingredients, do's and don'ts, how-to's and more.

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