The Art of Bathing

In our modern, fast-paced lives, we very often sacrifice traditions. Sometimes these compromises are unnecessary and unhealthy. One of these lost traditions is "The Art of Bathing". At Source Vitál, we celebrate this nurturing, healthful, and rejuvenating practice.

Many past cultures, most notably the Roman Empire, recognized the health and spiritual benefits of bathing. All you need to is 20-30 minutes, one to three times a week, to make a profound difference in your well-being. Ritual Bathing can lower blood pressure, soothe the mind, detoxify, de-stress, and reduce fluid retention in our bodies.

This conversation is not just for women. It is also for men and children. It is for all ages. We are not talking about the old fashioned bubble bath. Bubbles are the result of surfactants as ingredients in products. Surfactants are drying to the skin.

We are talking about healing Dead Sea Salts, aromatic Bath Oils, and healthful algae. We are about taking a little time to relax in warm not hot, water infused with healthful products. Choose this relaxing way to care for yourself. Source Vitál makes it easy with many natural bathing choices.

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