7 Tips to Stay Active in the Heat

As a brand born in Texas, we understand the heat. Texas summers are hot, which can make staying active a bit of a challenge. The good news is, you don’t necessarily have to swap the outdoor trails for the treadmill when summer comes around. Follow these simple tips to stay safe and active when the temps start to rise.

1. Hydrate

Hydration is the key to safely staying active in the heat. While it can be tempting to leave your water consumption to the last minute, it’s important to keep hydrating throughout the day. In Texas especially, water might not always be enough. Replenish electrolytes by adding a little extra sodium to your diet or hydrate with a sports drink in addition to water.

2. Opt for Shade

Choose trails or parks that have trees to provide natural shade. Staying out of the sun will help keep you cooler while minimizing the risk of sunburn. There’s a reason why those parks and trails are more crowded in the summer!     

3. Follow the Buddy System

Working out with a friend is more fun than flying solo, but during the heat of summer being active with a buddy is safer, too. You can keep each other accountable on everything from hydration to actually working out in the first place.

4. Beat the Heat

Don’t torture yourself by trying to workout when the sun is up. Beat the heat by exercising in the early morning or in the evening when the sun goes down. Setting your alarm clock that extra hour earlier may be a pain, but you’ll get so much more done during the day by starting early! And if getting up early just isn’t your thing, try joining an evening running group or sports league.

5. Dress Properly

Staying active in the summer requires a shift in your wardrobe. Instead of cotton, opt for moisture-wicking fabrics that keep your body cool. Stick to lighter colors that won’t absorb the heat.

6. Back Off and Listen to Your Body

Summer heat makes it even more important to put safety first. Always listen to your body and back off or slow down if you start to feel weak or dizzy. The repercussions of injury and dehydration aren’t worth getting that extra workout in. If you really do need to up the intensity, take it indoors.  

7. Take it to the Water

One of the best ways to cool off and stay active at the same time is to take your workout to the water. Swimming is a low impact, full body workout that is perfect for those hot, sweaty dog days of summer! Just because you’re in the water, doesn’t mean you can forgo necessary hydration.

After you workout, spritz some of our After Workout MultiSpray on the back of your neck for the perfect pick me up!

What are your favorite ways to stay active during the heat? Let us know in the comments below.

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