4 Rituals to Keep Your Kids Healthy and Happy

Routines are so important for going about our lives, especially when you have children. It takes time and lots of effort to establish good practices that are both manageable and healthy for your unique lifestyle.

During this odd time in our lives, we all feel a little out of sorts. Whether you’re working from home, or in the field helping saves lives, or providing us with the essentials so we can continue to stay home – here are some of our favorite holistic rituals to keep your kids (and yourselves) healthy and happy. 

1. Spend Time Outside Every Day

kids playing hopscotch outside

Nothing is better than a little bit of fresh air and sunshine, especially when your little ones are under the weather. Take time to be outside, even if it is for a few minutes to soak up some fresh air.

  • Go for a morning walk around the block or down the street.
  • Have your little ones go get the mail with you and show them how a key. works if you have a mailbox that requires a key.
  • Take a plastic bag on a walk and see if you can fill up the bag with trash.
  • Remember how much fun hop-scotch was as a kid? Get some sidewalk chalk and get creative!

Always remember to be safe in the sun. For those time where you do get sunburned – make sure to take care of the burns with our Aloe and Algae Cool Gel. This product can also be calming and soothing for kids who are feeling anxious.

And for those pesky bug bits like mosquitos and ants use our First Aid Spray and Cream for taking the itch out and soothing the feeling of inflammation. 

2. Read a Book

mom reads book to her daughter

We live in a world of sensory overload. Take the time to sit down a read a book to your kids. This enables your children to learn words, phrases, and be exposed to more thoughtful interactions.

Not only does this provide brain development for your children, it encourages and promotes parent/child bonding and relationship building.  

  • Make sure books are age appropriate. Books have been designed with ages in mind starting as young as newborns.
  • Point out different figures in the books and ask your child questions about them.
  • Let your child turn the pages or pick out their own books to read. They will be much more engaged and willing to learn.
  • If your child can read, let them read to you and encourage them to use their imagination on character voices and tones.

Parents, enjoy this time as it goes by fast. If you are in need for a some mental clarity or a little stress relief – try out some Essential Oil Roll-Ons. You can also diffuse our Invigorating Essential Oil Blend in your diffuser to balance and refresh the mind.

3. Set the Mood for Bath and Bed Time

family bed time

Especially with little ones, this time is so important to establish consistency. Sleep enables the body to recover and grow no matter what age.

Encouraging good bedtime behavior is something all parents strive for. Set a goal to have your nightly routine start at a specific time and stick to it! This might be hard to do when you are on vacation or if you have company, if it starts to get late make your other normal activities like bath time, reading, etc. a little bit shorter to get back on track.  

  • Fix a warm bath and use our Lavender Body Wash to bathe your children. Our Lavender Body Wash is safe for newborn and children of all ages. Lavender is known for it’s relaxing and soothing properties so pairing this with a warm bath is a great way to set a calm energy in place.
  • Follow the bath with our Lavender Body Lotion. It is safe for newborns and encourages and promotes a good night sleep.
  • Is your child scared of the dark? Instead of the traditional night lights, try using a warm amber night light in the kids room. Warm amber lights help provide a dim light without disrupting natural sleep cycles

4. Kick the Congestion

Mom and baby smiling

Are your kids feeling congested because of seasonal allergies, the common cold and other respiratory issues?

Little ones can seem to be under the weather often when they first start school or begin day care. As their immune system strengthens we see this typically decrease however, these tips can help get your child back to their normal selves.

  • During bath time, run a warm bath while using Respiratory Body Wash. We encourage using circular motions to lather and cleanse the skin to help combat the discomfort of respiratory issues such as allergies, cold and flu symptoms. It also helps the body perk up when recovering from an illness. Recommended for children ages 5 and up.
  • For your little one as young as newborns, our Spiracle Natural Elixir is a wonderful addition to your medicine cabinet. Those with chronic lung congestion, asthma, chronic ear infections, sore throats and sinusitis find this amazing oil to be very effective.
    Tip: Discover your favorite chest rub by using 5 drops of Spiracle Natural Elixir and applying it to the neck, chest, upper back and bottom of the feet. For additional relief, apply 2x a day until congestion has improved. Safe for newborns.

Written by Michelle Swartz 

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