Essential Oil Spotlight: Rose

This month, we’re turning the essential oil spotlight over to rose. Known as an essential oil used for love and romance, it’s the perfect oil to feature in February. Originating from Morocco, rosa centifolia (rose) flower oil is a heart-healing dark orange-brown oil with a warm, rich and floral aroma and a sweet tea-like undertone.

Roses are widely considered the most stunning flowers in the world. In fact, the flower is a central part of countless stories, myths and legends. With its varied colors, unique aroma, and wide range of species, you can find a rose for every occasion. We recommend blending rose oil with vanilla, chamomile, bergamot, fennel and ylang ylang.

In addition to smelling light and floral, rose has many benefits and uses. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Mood: Rose oil is known to help drive away the feeling of anxiety. Some doctors prescribe patients of acute depression regular doses of rose oil to boost positivity and mood.
  • Cleansing: Rose oil has purification properties, which can be used to prevent and fight bacteria, including acne!
  • Libido: Cupid’s aphrodisiac. Rose oil, closely associated with romance and love, can boost and invoke romantic feelings.
  • Bleeding: For patients who suffer from hemorrhaging after an injury or surgery, rose oil can support the body's natural ability to stop excessive bleeding by encouraging clotting.
  • Hormone production: In context of feminine issues, rose oil has been used in traditional practices to aid in the proper function of the uterus, potentially delaying menopause, regulating menstruation, mood, hormonal imbalance, bloating and cramping. 

Our Rose Absolute Essential Oil is 100 percent natural and is extracted by solvent extraction from fresh petals.

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