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Woo Woo Essential Oil Roll-on Trio

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On-the-go aromatherapy with a purpose! Our traveling roll-ons in a 3 pack, intended for Woo Woo Roll-On Trio! This pack contains Spirit, Clearing, and Meditate blends. 

Spirit Essential Oil Blend is a natural for confidence building. This blend is one of our oldest and most loved blends. Spirit is loved for its rich, exotic scent and ability to bring enthusiasm and self esteem into one's life. Look to Spirit to help you with mental fatigue, the ability to move energy blocks, restore creativity, and boost your self esteem. Euphoric and uplifting, Spirit is a must for everyone!

Rich and complex, Spirit boasts such oils as Patcouli, Orange, Black Pepper, Clove, Frankikncense, Ylang Ylang, and Jasmine, aboung others. 

Clearing Essential Oil Blend is a earthy blend, focused to uplift positive energy and clear out the negative energy. It can be used to tackle feelings of stress, tension, and anxiety. Address and confront that bad energy. Breathe in deep to kick those destructive thoughts so you can feel balanced.

Blended with both Cedarwood Himalayan and Texas and Sage Spanish, this blend helps transform you back to your center.

Meditate Essential Oil Blend aids in deepening your meditations. This complex blend of oils work to ground and stabilize the mind and body to allow you to tune in to your inner self. No matter why you meditate - to reconnect with yourself, relax, recharge or search for deeper knowledge - the ritual of anointing your pulse points with Meditate will set the stage for a deeper more meaningful experience.

This blend, both complex and deep, uses Patchouli, LIme, Bergamot, Rose, Neroli, and Geranium, amont others, to take you to a special place.

Suggested Use:

Roll blend on pulse points- wrists, neck below the jaw line and ears, chest above the heart, back of the knees, and temples.