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Sensitive Skin Starter Kit

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Naturally Strengthen Sensitive Skin

Strengthen is the key for treating sensitive skin. A unique blend of aromatic essential oils, natural botanical extracts and restorative seaweed work to gently and effectively calm, sooth and strengthen irritated and sensitive skin conditions.

It’s like a cup of chamomile tea, yoga and meditation, not for your soul, but for your skin. The result is healthy, velvety-smooth skin. This collection targets the root cause of sensitivity. 

This 4-piece kit includes:
Lavender Cleanser (2.23 oz.)
Soothing Infusion (.23 oz.) 
Aromatic Emulsion Dry/Sensitive (1.01 oz.)
Soothing Cream (.23 oz.)

Features & Benefits

  • With daily use, establishes a healthy skin care routine
  • Naturally & gently protects the skin from irritants, calms redness, soothes
  • Hydrates & softens dry, chapped skin
  • Eliminates dry, flaky skin & relieves the feeling of tightness
  • Improves appearance of fine lines
  • Fortifies & strengthens
  • Protects skin from environmental stressors, harsh weather

What's Included

Lavender Cleanser – A gentle, milky face cleanser that removes pollutants & makeup from the skin without upsetting the skin’s delicate pH balance.

Soothing Infusion – A blend of aromatic oils selected for their soothing & sedative qualities.

Aromatic Emulsion Dry/Sensitive – A water-soluble toner comprised of essential oils, organic emulsifier & purified water, fortified with soothing Tanacetum Annuum Essential Oil. For all skin types, especially dry/sensitive skin.

Soothing Cream – Our top-selling face cream loved for its rich, velvety texture that hydrates, calms & protects skin against environmental pollution.

Step #1 – Wash face and neck thoroughly with quarter size amount of Lavender Cleanser nightly.

Step #2 – Mist face and dampen a cotton pad with Aromatic Emulsion Dry/Sensitive. Massage in toner and remove excess with cotton pad.

Step #3 – Massage 4-7 drops of Soothing Infusion on face and neck.

Step #4 – Finish by protecting skin with a thin layer of Soothing Cream.

Repeat regimen every morning and night for best results.

How Source Vitál Works

All Source Vitál products are formulated with a unique blend of seaweed, botanical plant extracts and 100% pure essential oils. Our products contain a high concentration of naturally effective ingredients formulated specifically to produce results and feed the skin.

The Sensitive Skin Starter Kit works to nourish, soothe and protect the skin, providing vital nutrients, and pure essential oils that help protect skin from irritation.

Plus, none of our products contain irritating synthetic fragrances, colors, SLS/SLES, pharmaceuticals or GMOs and harsh chemicals.

Understanding Sensitive Skin

Unlike most skin care product lines, Source Vitál takes a holistic approach to treating skin concerns. This means we look to treat the root cause of the problem, not only the external symptoms. Because of this holistic approach our sensitive skin care routine is very different.

Example: Most product lines focus on making suppressive, anti-inflammatory products that merely target the symptoms of sensitivity: red, dry, tight, patchy, scratchy skin.

We believe sensitive skin is weakened skin. This skin needs to be exercised, strengthened, fortified before healthier skin can be achieved. Our sensitive skin regimens look to nature – to pure essential oils, seaweeds and botanicals – to restore the vital nutrients the skin needs to nourish, soothe and protect.

For ultra-sensitive skin or Rosacea, we recommend a slightly different program. If you fit into that category, see our Rosacea/Couperose/Hyper-Sensitive kits. If you are not hyper-sensitive or do not have Rosacea, these are the kits for you.