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Melissa Essential Oil

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100% Pure & Natural Melissa Essential Oil

Botanical Name: melissa officinalis

You may be more familiar with the herb, Lemon Balm, which is the plant from which this oil is derived. This herb is very resilient and almost impossible to get rid of in the garden no matter how many times it is cut back. This may account for why some people use it in a spiritual context for having a resilient spirit.

People report feeling calmer after smelling this oil. In Swedish, it's name means "hearts joy".

Uses of Melissa Essential Oil
  • When inhaled, promotes a feeling of calm and peacefulness.
  • Diffuse in a water-based diffuser or vaporizer to create a relaxing atmosphere.
  • This oil makes a great addition to unscented skin and body care products to create a calming, peaceful feeling.
  • Add a couple of drops diluted in an unscented bath/shower gel or carrier oil to warm water for a soothing bath that will make you feel better after fatigue.
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History and Background

In Chinese medicine, cool/dry energy, fire and wood element, stagnation of Qi, heat in Liver and Heart, disturbance of Mind, smooths flow on Lung-Qi, harmonizes Mind and Ethereal Soul, reabsorbs Mind into the Heart.

Excellent for depression, inner child work, replaces intensity with serenity, distrust with innocence.

In subtle aromatherapy, has an affinity for the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras. Also used for bereavement for those making their transition and those left behind.

This oil is also named after the Greek word for "bee". Melissa is said to be a magnet for bees.

The yield of essential oil from the plant leaves is very low, making Melissa one of the most expensive essential oils.

Physical Description
This oil is pale yellow in color.

Aromatic Description

A light, fresh, lemony, green, herbaceous, citrus, and slightly sweet aroma.

Biological Makeup and Components

Citronellal, geranial (15%), neral (15%), citronellol, caryophyllene, carophyllene oxide, linalol and limonene.

Extraction Technique

Steam distillation from leaves and flowering tops.

Information for Aromatherapists

This oil is a top note, blending well with chamomile roman, rose, neroli, petitgrain, frankincense, lavender, geranium, floral and citrus oils. Most often used alone. Do not use more than 1% in blends.

Our Melissa essential oil is 100% pure and natural. It is free of any chemicals, pesticides, synthetic perfumes, fillers, or carrier oils.

  • Do not use if pregnant or breast feeding.
  • Do not use in children under 2 years of age.
  • Use with caution if you have hyper-sensitive skin. Patch test before broad application.
  • For external use only. Do not ingest.
  • If you are epileptic, have cancer, have liver issues, or any other serious illness, we strongly suggest you consult a medical professional prior to using Melissa essential oil.
  • Always keep essential oils out of reach of children
  • Keep this oil tightly closed and in room temperature or cooler spot
Additional Safety Information
 100% Pure Melissa Essential Oil from Source Vitál
Melissa Essential Oil