Grapefruit Pink Essential Oil


Grapefruit Pink Essential Oil


100% Pure & Natural Grapefruit Pink Essential Oil

Botanical Name: citrus paradisii

Grapefruit Pink soothes the feelings of tension, frustration, irritability, and moodiness. Grapefruit Pink, like many citrus oils, is known as a "happy oil".

It reduces the feeling of wanting to “comfort” eat due to stress and helps give the body a feeling of detoxification. Clears “heavy” feelings and produces a lightness of spirit. 

This oil is rich in antioxidants, primarily vitamin C.

Uses of Grapefruit Pink Essential Oil
  • Feeling a little down? Use an electric diffuser to diffuse this oil into your environment for an uplifting scent.
  • Add a few drops to a spray bottle of water and use as a cleaning surface spray. Avoid wood surfaces.
  • Breathe in from the bottle to reduce the feeling of sugar cravings.
  • Freshen up the air by adding a few drops to your air conditioner filter.
  • Add a few drops to an unscented facial moisturizer to help the appearance of oily skin that causes acne.
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History and Background

Grapefruit is believed to be a cross between an orange and pomelo. In Chinese medicine, cool/dry action, wood and earth element, reduces heat and stagnation of Liver Qi, relieves hot, damp conditions, smooths flow of stagnant Qi.

Physical Description

This popular oil is yellow or greenish in color.

Aromatic Description

This oil's aroma is fresh, light, citrus, and slightly sweet.

Biological Makeup and Components

Limonene (90%), cadinene, paradisiol, neral, geraniol, citronellal, sinensal, esters, coumarins and furocoumarins

Extraction Technique

Cold expression from fresh peel.

Information for Aromatherapists

This oil is a top note. It blends well with Lemon, Palmarosa, Bergamot, Neroli, Rosemary, Cypress, Lavender, Geranium, Cardamom and other spice oils.

Our Grapefruit Pink essential oil is 100% pure and natural. It is free of any chemicals, pesticides, synthetic perfumes, fillers, or carrier oils.

  • Avoid sun exposure if you've applied this oil topically, even if diluted.
  • Do not apply undiluted to the skin.
  • Any person with a history of plant or food allergies should read ingredients before using.
  • For external use only. Do not ingest.
  • If you are pregnant, epileptic, have cancer, have liver issues, or any other serious illness, we strongly suggest you consult a medical professional prior to using this essential oil.
  • Always keep essential oils out of reach of children.
  • Keep this oil tightly closed and in room temperature or cooler spot.
Additional Safety Information


All of our essential oils are 100% natural and free of any chemicals, pesticides and synthetic perfumes.

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Keep all oils tightly closed and cool. Always keep out of reach of children.

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