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Borage Oil (Cold Pressed)

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100% Natural Botanical Oil for Dry & Mature Skin  

Botanical Name: borago officalis

A rich and deeply penetrating oil, Borage oil is best suited to those with dry or mature skin types. This skin conditioner helps to create a smoother, even toned, more youthful complexion. Our Borage is from New Zealand.

Borage oil is high in gamma linolenic acid (GLA) which helps to give skin, hair, and nails a healthier, stronger feel. It is super moisturizing and helps reveal naturally glowing skin appearance.

Borage oil is potent and should be blended with other oils at a 10% dilution.

  • A super moisturizing oil, ideal for dry, and mature skin
  • Perfect added to skincare to help diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • May be added to hair care to lessen the premature appearance of bald patches
  • Quickly penetrates into the skin
  • Helps to give nails a stronger feel
  • Not well suited to acne prone skin
  • Borage oils may go rancid quickly, keep refrigerated for a longer life.

This cold-pressed oil may be used up to 10% dilution in blends. Keep refrigerated to extend the shelf life of this oil.

100% Pure Borage Oil from Source Vitál
Borage Oil (Cold Pressed)