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Active Athlete Kit

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The Ultimate All-Natural Collection to Promote Peak Performance and Recovery for Athletes and Active Lifestyles 

Experienced athlete or just starting your fitness journey, this comprehensive product collection will help keep you moving and achieving all of your wellness goals. 

Formulated with pure essential oils, nourishing botanical extracts, and mineral-rich Dead Sea Salts, these products are clean, non-toxic, yet highly effective.

9-Piece kit includes:

  • Sports Balm Roll-on (3 fl. oz.)
  • Analgesic Bath & Body Oil (1.18 fl. oz)
  • Analgesic Bath Salts (17.4 oz.)
  • After Workout MultiSpray (2.23 fl. oz.)
  • Deozein Natural Deodorant Spray - Original Scent (4.46 fl. oz.)
  • First Aid Spray (4.46 fl. oz.)
  • Peppermint Body Wash (17.2 fl. oz.)
  • Invigorating Essential Oil Roll-on
  • Vanilla Organic Lip Balm

Features & Benefits

  • Specially curated to include some of our most coveted personal care and wellness products
  • Product collection formulated to aid recovery and motivate peak sports performance - with natural, good-for-you ingredients
  • Made with clean, non-toxic ingredients, no synthetic fragrances or colors
  • Products great for men and women and athletes of all levels
  • Stock up before beginning a new exercise regimen or before a big sporting event, such as a marathon
  • This is a cruelty-free gift!

What's Included

Sports Balm Roll-On

Forget the OTC (over the counter) sports creams loaded with synthetic ingredients. Sports Balm is the remedy for getting sore, tired muscles back in tip-top shape with natural Menthol and essential oils of Eucalyptus, Wintergreen, and Peppermint. Algae extract is included to lend a feeling of strength to tired or arthritic joints.

Convenient roll-on formula makes application quick and easy.

Analgesic Bath & Body Oil

Experience the feeling of relief from overworked muscles and joints, and common aches and pains with our most popular natural elixir blend of pure essential oils and botanical oils for the bath or massage. Eucalyptus, Juniper, and Spearmint reduce the feeling of inflammation and poor circulation while you indulge in the luxurious ritual of an aromatherapy bath. Use anytime something's hurting.

Caution: Avoid use during pregnancy.

Analgesic Bath Salts

Our popular Analgesic essential oil blend is added to a powerful combination of nourishing Dead Sea Salts and Pink Himalayan Salts, formulated to ease the feeling of discomfort  and soreness for tired muscles, and promote an uplifted, relaxed state of mind after exercise or over work.

Algae Nutrio Vitamin & Mineral Supplement

Exclusive to Source Vitál Apothecary, Algae Nutrio is simple nutrition the body can easily digest. Made with a special algae blend that is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, proteins, trace elements and amino acids, enzymes, phytohormones and other naturally-occuring elements our body's need to perform at their very best.

Algae Nutrio is the perfect supplement to support any skin, body and wellness program.

After Workout MultiSpray

Formulated with 100% pure Spearmint and Peppermint essential oils, this multi-purpose spray is the perfect recovery after exercise, strenuous activity or anytime you need a pick-me-up. The aromatherapy benefits and sweet, minty aroma make this a favorite for anyone on the go. 

Deozein Natural Deodorant Spray

Not just a cover-up, our best-selling natural deodorant formula effectively eliminates body odor and keeps you feeling and smelling fresh and clean all day. Purifying seaweed extracts, natural mineral salts and pure essential oils work to protect the skin from the causes of B-O. Works great both men and women.

First Aid Spray

This spray was formulated for those times when a minor injury needs very light touch. Cools, cleanses, gently tingles and calms skin irritations such as rashes, insect bites, burns, cuts and bruises. For some, it is an excellent insect repellent.

Great for those who like to take their workouts outdoors. First Aid Spray smells as good as it feels! 

 Avoid eye area. If skin is broken, some stinging may occur.
Patch test on children under 5. 

Peppermint Body Wash

Our SLS/SLES free, bath and shower gel, made from 90% clean, organic ingredients, is the healthy way to invigorate and recharge body and mind. After a tough workout, cooling Peppermint Essential Oil leads you down the road to recovery.

Invigorating Essential Oil Roll-On

Your aromatherapy wake-up call! This essential oil blend for the mind and body is designed to refresh and revive the spirit. Eucalyptus, Pine, Rosemary, and Peppermint work together for a lively, fresh scent that invigorates the mind. 

Great to use on pulse points for a pre-workout energy boost or when you need to catch your second wind.

Vanilla Organic Lip Balm

Pamper your lips with our velvety-soft lip balm. Made with high-quality USDA Certified Organic ingredients this yummy-smelling lip balm wraps the lips in luxurious hydration.