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Aromatic Algae Extract

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Ultra-Soothing Hydrating Body Mist

Oh, the many uses of this versatile body spritz! Mist on dry skin, callused elbows and heels, rash or dermatitis, stretch marks, sunburn, and so much more.

What makes this unique body product so versatile? Formulated specially for psoriasis, eczema, and contact dermatitis, this pure blend of brown algae and essential oils lend a nourishing and conditioning quality to skin’s appearance.

Carry one with you for on-the-go spritzing. The perfect way to revive dry skin while traveling or spending time outdoors.

Features & Benefits

  • Great benefits for all skin types
  • Comforting mist is hydrating and softening to the skin.
  • Aromatic Algae Extract is great for restoring vital nutrients to the skin and improving the appearance of aging complexions.
  • Safe for babies and children, use after every diaper change to prevent diaper rash.
  • Great for use in the summer, to keep tans hydrated and lasting longer.
  • Pair Aromatic Algae Extract with Nourishing Body Cream to prevent the look of stretch marks.

 Key Natural Ingredients

  • Brown algae (Laminaria) – rich source of vitamins and minerals, gives a look of luminosity to skin and offers a feeling of hydration and balance
  • Lavender Essential Oil – feels soothing to skin and reduces the appearance of irritation and redness, while gently coaxing skin into a feeling of balance and calm
  • Basil Holy Essential Oil – gives upset skin a healed and balanced appearance

Spray and massage into body. For best results, use right after bathing when skin is still slightly damp.

laminaria digitata extract, purified water, sorbitan oleate decylglucoside crosspoymer, ocimum sanctium (basil) oil, and lavandula angustifolia (lavender) oil

Aromatic Algae Extract for Body Hydration
Aromatic Algae Extract

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

I absolutely love this spray! My skin feels and looks nourished when I apply this right after the shower.

Lydia W.
Priority one

Source Vital has created a product, Aromatic Algae Extract that is a priority for the soles of my feet. My feet continually remain dry and prone to crack. During a pedicure a nail specialist recommended this product, and now I’ve used it for years. It’s turns that super dry skin into supple and comfortable skin to walk on.

Leslie S.
Just what I have been looking for.

The humidity and wind here in Houston were causing my sensitive skin to be itchy and flakey. Using day lotion or cream was too heavy. This provides a perfect amount of moisture and nutrition to call my skin down and keep it hydrated.

Mildred S.
No more steroids

I have recurring eczema on my hand. It always begins the same way with a tingling sensation then itching and finally the breakout. Steroid ointment will control symptoms as long as I use it daily, but when I stop, it comes back with a vengeance. Cold weather and handwashing are contributing factors. Since I have been using Aromatic Algae Extract nightly, I have had no breakouts. NO MORE STEROIDS! I am so grateful.

Jacob S.

My wife bought this stuff. It is amazing, truly. Men with dry skin, do yourself a favor and buy this stuff.

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