Sparking Change, Sustaining Growth: Our Commitment to the Planet

At Source Vitál, our commitment to leaving a positive impact on the world is at the heart of everything we do. We have great respect for our planet and are dedicated to exploring innovative ways to protect it. At the heart of our values is a steadfast regard for Mother Earth and all of the resources she offers. 

As Earth Day approaches, we extend an earnest invitation to you to join us in commemorating our shared home and all its wonders. We’re always searching for ways to be more sustainable. Here’s a few ways that we’re doing just that:

Deozein on tray in regular and refill sizes

Our New Refillery Program

We are excited to introduce our new Refillery program, now available at the Houston Beauty Market! With our Refillery program, you can bring in your empty containers or purchase a refillable bottle from us to refill 12 of our best-selling products, including customer favorites like Deozein, Algae Deep Cleanse, and Soothing Cream.

By participating in our Refillery program, you're not just replenishing your skincare essentials; you're actively contributing to sustainability efforts by reducing single-use plastic waste!  

To ensure a seamless and hygienic refill experience, we've established clear packaging guidelines for our customers. Before bringing in your own containers, please ensure they are completely empty and cleaned. This not only helps maintain our hygiene standards but also prevents any potential contamination. Before your visit, if you're refilling into the same product bottle, we recommend washing it with soap and water, followed by sanitization with alcohol. All packaging must be dry prior to filling.

It's crucial to inspect your containers for any signs of damage, such as cracks or leaks. Damaged containers compromise the quality of the refill process and cannot be used. Moreover, please note that we cannot fill products into containers with existing labels or other brand identifiers. For a successful refill, ensure your container either has no label or retains the original label for our products.

When selecting containers for refills, opt for options suitable for the intended products. For liquids and powders, glass or durable plastic containers with tight-sealing lids are ideal to prevent spills during transportation. All containers must be completely sealed to maintain product integrity.

Recycling Program with TerraCycle

TerraCycle is an innovative company dedicated to recycling hard-to-recycle items. Their Zero Waste Box simplifies the recycling process in three steps: choose the box, fill it with recyclables, and send it back. In our warehouse and showroom, we've acquired two types of Zero Waste Boxes. One is designated for safety gear and PPE, while the other is specifically for empty beauty packaging. 

Do you have empty beauty containers you'd like to recycle? If you're located in the Houston area, you can conveniently recycle acceptable packaging in our showroom! As a token of appreciation, you'll receive a 5% discount on your purchase with us every time you contribute to our TerraCycle box.

Minimizing Our Plastic Footprint with Cleanhub

CleanHub  operates a global network of collection hubs strategically placed to intercept plastic waste before it reaches the ocean. It also ensures its safe processing, even if it's non-recyclable. By partnering with CleanHub, we’re empowered to significantly reduce our plastic footprint. This means that for every pound of plastic we utilize, we facilitate the removal of an equivalent amount of plastic pollution through CleanHub.

CleanHub also enables us to closely monitor our impact report, which we can share with you in real time. We take immense pride in our achievements, having facilitated the collection of over 600 pounds of plastic in the year 2023, and 58 pounds so far this year!

Composting with Moonshot

Composting is an age-old agricultural technique, and entails  the decomposition of organic matter by soil microorganisms under optimal conditions. This transformative process converts the organic matter into nutrient-rich soil carbon while preserving the essential water and nutrients.

We are an active participant in Moonshot Composting, a sustainable initiative aimed at diverting excess food and organic waste from landfills. This practice yields numerous advantages, including the mitigation of methane emissions, restoration of soil nutrients, enhancement of crop yields, and the reduction of atmospheric carbon levels. We contribute to Moonshot weekly.

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