Step Into Spring With Geranium Essential Oil

Did you know that there are over 700 varieties of geranium? You’ve likely encountered the vibrant, delicate flowers of the geranium plant at your local garden center, or even in your backyard. Geranium has been used for purely ornamental purposes for centuries. The earliest Geranium Essential Oil usage dates back to Ancient Egypt when it was used for its skin beautifying and wellness benefits.
When it comes to distillation, Pelagonium graveolens is the main Geranium commercially cultivated for essential oil, and what you’ll find bottled today. Geranium Essential Oil has an aroma that is described as strong, sweet, fresh, green, slightly citrus-minty, and spicy. When diluted, this oil is floral and rose-like in scent, which makes sense, considering rose and geranium share many similar attributes.

Benefits Of Geranium Essential Oil


The warm, rosy smell of geranium oil is uplifting, energizing, and inspiring. Geranium essential oil is known to help people who suffer from anger, anxiety, and depression, with particular care in supporting emotions in women, like grief or sadness. 

For an uplifting experience, consider diffusing our Fresh Essential Oil Blend. One of our most popular blends, our Fresh Essential Oil Blend helps create an energized yet balanced spirit, promotes a stress-free feeling, and enhances concentration. It’s no surprise this blend has expanded to include our Fresh MultiSpray (perfect for linens or laundry), our Deozein Fresh natural deodorant, and even our Floral-Fresh personal rollerball.

Supportive In Women’s Health

Women can sometimes feel an imbalance when their hormones change, and implementing Geranium Essential Oil can play a part in balancing the feeling of raging hormones a woman may experience throughout her cycle. It can also help support a healthy digestive system during times of abdominal disruption associated with the menstrual cycle. Additionally, Geranium Essential Oil can also promote feelings of stability and calmness during periods of moodiness.

One of our favorite ways to gain supportive benefits? Our Hot-Flash Roll-On for an on-the-go feeling of equilibrium. Geranium Essential Oil combines with its sister oil, Clary Sage to offer more emotional balance and support. You can also select our hot flash essential oil blend in our Make Your Own Bath Salts, for a relaxing, female balancing bath ritual. For imbalance associated with difficulty sleeping, consider using products from our Tranquil Collection in which geranium combines with soothing lavender, blue tansy, chamomile, and patchouli to lend a sense of harmony and help you drift off to dreamland. 


We’ve already discussed how Geranium Essential Oil can help restore balance to your mood and support an imbalance in hormones, but did you know that it can also offer a sense of balance to your skin? Whether your skin leans dry or oily, Geranium Essential Oil can help to regulate sebum production as well as the moisture and oil levels in your epidermis to leave your skin re-balanced and rejuvenated. 
For a balancing, yet gentle cleanse, we recommend using our Geranium Facial Cleanser, particularly if your skin is drier or mature. This cleanser calms skin, removes makeup, and won't leave skin feeling stripped. After cleaning, select the Toning Essence that is right for you- Rose Toning Essence for dry skin, Pure Toning Essence for Oily or Acne-Prone skin, or Blue Tansy Toning Essence for normal or combination skin. All contain geranium essential oil, along with other natural actives that gently coax skin into feeling balanced and calm.

Comforting & Soothing

Geranium Essential Oil can be highly soothing when applied to your complexion. Used topically, its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties can purify and soothe the skin. It can also calm irritated or inflamed skin conditions, help skin cell regeneration, and give your skin a natural, healthy glow.
Battling skin redness, inflammation, and irritation can be challenging, but incorporating products into your skincare routine with soothing oils like geranium can help you achieve better skin. Start with washing your face with our Algae Deep Cleanse, for a refreshing, yet, calming cleansing experience. For extra gentle care, incorporating Algae Deep Scrub and Ageless Algae Mask are great ways to leave your skin feeling smooth, less red, and more youthful-looking.
What are your favorite ways to use Geranium in your routine? Let us know in the comments!

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