Self-Care for the Working Gal

Girl bosses and corporate gals, we know you work hard. But you shouldn’t have to sacrifice self-care in the name of hard work. In fact, self-care actually makes you more productive and helps you get the most out of every single work day. Follow these seven tips to bring a little more self-care into your workday, and your life. 

Eat Well

Your mom always told you to eat a healthy breakfast, well she was right. Eating well sets you up for success and gives you the energy you to take on the day. Try one of these healthy, easy and protein-packed breakfast ideas like smoothies and breakfast sandwiches to fuel up.

Keep the healthy grind going all day long by stashing nourishing snacks in your desk like raw almonds or fruit & nut bars. Instead of buying your lunch at the standard sandwich shop or Chipotle down the street, meal prep on Sundays. You’ll reap benefits beyond just healthy eating, like a fuller wallet and some extra time during the lunch hour!

Joyful Habits

Woman taking a moment to laugh

Bring routines and habits that make you happy and relieve stress into your workplace. It could be as simple as an afternoon cup of tea from your favorite mug, or calling your mom or a friend during your lunch break. When things get stressful, turn to these routines and habits for the self-care you need.

Build a Self-Care Kit

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Create a self-care kit that you can keep in a desk drawer and pull out whenever you need it most! A few of our favorite things to include in your kit are:

Regular Workouts

yoga for stress management

It’s easy to skip workouts when your days get busy, but regular exercise stimulates mental awareness and sharpness. Aim to exercise for at least 30-minutes, four times a week for maximum benefits. Whether you prefer yoga, running, or weights, you’re bound to notice a difference by adding regular movement into your routine. If time’s the barrier, get creative! Go walking during your lunch break or try a rejuvenating office yoga routine. After your workout is through, use our After Workout Kit to refresh and restore.

Desk Breaks

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How many times has 5 o'clock rolled around and you realize you haven’t left your desk all day? Staying at your desk all day long causes stress on both your body and your mind including eyestrain from the computer screen, risk of carpal tunnel from typing and hamstring tightness from sitting. Set a timer for desk breaks every 30 minutes. Get up and walk around the office or take stretch breaks to stay active throughout the day.

Take Social Breaks

best friends

It’s easy to spend a ton of time on social media, especially during the aforementioned desk breaks. But constantly checking social media hinders productivity, adds unnecessary distractions and can impact your self-esteem. Instead of spending all your free time on Facebook, start a conversation with a coworker or read a book (a real paper one!).

Express Gratitude

meditation & gratitude

Showing gratitude and appreciation in the workplace doesn’t just benefit your co-workers, it’ll make you feel happier and more productive, too. Regular displays of gratitude are shown to foster a better workplace culture. Add in a few random acts of kindness and you may even see that gratitude spread!

What are your favorite ways to take care of yourself at work? Let us know in the comments!

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