New: Subscribe and Save on Your Favorite Products Now

Auto-Renewal Subscriptions Now Available - Save 15% On Your First Order

We've made it easier for you to get your favorite products, delivered straight to your home with our new subscription service. 

Because there's nothing worse than running out of your Deozein Natural Deodorant, or getting ready for a big trip (whenever we can travel again) and not having enough of your Customized Facial Cocktail to last.

Subscriptions are completely customizable. Select the products you want automatically mailed to you and choose how often you want to get them. Recurring options range from monthly deliveries up to 6-month increments.

Oh yeah, and you get a discount for signing up. Enjoy 15% off you first subscription order and 10% off subsequent orders.

Note: Subscriptions are available for most Source Vitál and Sir Vitál products.

How to Enroll in Subscriptions

It's fast and easy! From the product page you can select the Subscribe & Save option and choose your auto delivery frequency (1-6 months). Then go ahead and check out as normal.

How to Manage Subscriptions

You will need to create an account to manage your subscriptions. After entering shipping and payment information at checkout you will be prompted to create a log in, or you can click the account log in avatar icon, which looks like the outline of a person, that is located to the right of the main menu on the home page. 

Product Subscription Management how to find my account

Once you have set up an account and submitted your subscriptions, you will be able to log in to My Account and select Manage Subscription located under the Account details heading. 

Product Subscription Management how to manage subscriptions

In the Manage Subscription section you will be able to view your subscriptions including the Order number, Date Created, Frequency, Last Payment, and a Manage dropdown menu.

Product Subscription Management how-to make changes

Use the options in the Manage dropdown menu to review your account and make any changes such as View/Update Card, Update Address, Update Shipping Methods, view Upcoming Orders, Transactions and Product quantities.

This is also where you can choose to Skip Order or Cancel your auto-renewing orders. 

It's quick and easy to make any changes, but if you get stuck we are always here to help you out.

Additionally, you will also receive an email three days before your order ships that includes a link for you to make any changes. 

Subscription Payment Methods and Terms

We accept the same forms of payment for subscriptions as we do any other online order, except for Afterpay, which is unavailable for subscriptions.

All subscriptions will ship automatically until you decide to cancel. By signing up for the subscription, you will also authorize us to charge the payment method you entered for future orders, at the frequency you selected.

Unfortunately other promotions and discounts cannot be added to subscription items. 

Subscription Tips and Tricks

SV23 Phyto Serum by Source Vitál Apothecary

If you want to take advantage of our free shipping policy (for orders over $25) or have products you would like to receive together, set them for the same frequency and order them together on the same day.

Subscription items purchased together will generally ship together. Once you have a recurring order you can also change the frequency to better synch your products, or give us a call and we can do it for you.

Wondering when to set up your auto deliveries? Here are a few recommendations to ensure you are never run out of your skin and body care essentials

Of course, it all has to do with how often you are using your products, but this is a good place to start, and you can always make changes, as needed.

Monthly Deliveries:

  • Customized Facial Cocktail (1.01 fl. oz.) - One Month Supply
  • Make Your Own Beard Oil
  • Cleaner Hands Wash
  • Cleaner Hands Spray

2-Month Deliveries:

  • SV23
  • Facial Infusions (0.4 fl. oz.)
  • Liposome Serum (0.4 fl. oz.)
  • Make Your Own Facial Mask Kit

3-Month Deliveries:

  • Deozein Natural Deodorant Spray
  • Body Wash
  • Body Lotion
  • Facial Cleansers (4 fl. oz. or 8 fl. oz. depending on usage)
  • Essential Oil Roll-Ons

4-Month Deliveries:

  • Customized facial Cocktail (4 fl. oz.) - Four-Month Supply
  • Sir Vitál SHAVE
  • Sir Vitál SOOTHE
  • Facial Creams
  • Facial Masks
  • Facial Exfoliants
  • Bath & Body Oils

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