More Affordable Options to Precious Essential Oils

The world of aromatherapy is delicious. Nature has provided us with thousands, if not millions of plants, seeds, twigs, leaves and peels, that can be used to make essential oils. Some of these oils have lovely scents or contain powerful therapeutic properties. Some have both. At the top echelons, we have a group of essential oils often referred to as precious oils. These oils are quite costly, typically have the deepest, most complex aromas, and offer significant benefits for the skin, body, mind and soul.

As enticing as these precious oils may be, they can be not as inviting to our wallets. We believe everyone should enjoy the benefits of essential oils. Here are some “hacks” and easy swaps you can make to get the benefits of the precious oils without breaking the bank

Precious Oils

Precious oils are typically pricier than other oils because it takes a very large amount of plant material to produce the oil, or the extraction process is quite difficult and lengthy.

Here’s a great example from The Essential Oils Handbook by Jennie Harding, “it takes around 200 blooms just to produce a few drops of pure [Rose Otto] oil.” To put a value to that, a little over 1 oz. of our Rose Absolute Oil retails for $620. Once you get to know and appreciate essential oils you understand that the price tag is well worth the luxurious properties and heavenly scent of this oil.

Here is a look at some of oil precious essential oils:

  • Sandalwood Mysore
  • Rose Absolute
  • Jasmine Absolute
  • Neroli Absolute
  • Chamomile German
  • Melissa
  • White Lotus Absolute

Affordable Swaps

Popular essential oils for aromatherapy

If we want to be cost efficient, how do we get the benefits of the pricier oils we love without our pockets having to take a hit? Here are a few ways to experience similar aromatherapuetic benefits of the pricy precious essential oils:

Sandalwood Mysore – Swap for Sandalwood Australiana, which is half the price of Mysore and much more sustainable too. Cedarwood Himalayan or Amyris are other good options that have the exotic, complex aroma that Sandalwood is known for.

Rose - Geranium de Madagascar has many of the properties and lovely floral scent that we love about Rose. The Madagascar version has a  softer aroma than regular Geranium.

Neroli – If you want to take advantage of the skin care benefits of Neroli, without the pricetag, try Geranium.,Use Ylang Ylang, Bergamot or trusty Lavender if looking for a sweet note.

Melissa – Derived from the herb Lemon Balm and also known as “hearts joy,” Melissa is great at calming and lifting bad moods. Lemon, Lemongrass, Citronella are great swaps for their fresh, lemon-citrusy scent and ability to make you feel emotionally lighter.

Chamomiles – Chamomile is one of the best essential oils for calming a host of skin irritations. Use Lavender to get the benefit of similar calming properties.

Jasmine – There is no real substitute for the lovely, floral Jasmine. Ylang Ylang is your go-to for a strong floral note with a more forgiving price tag.

A Little Bit Goes a Long Way

enjoy the benefits of pure essential oils for aromatherpy

Go for the good stuff! You will be able to enjoy the benefits for quite some time. With a high concentration of plant extract, you can experience the benefits of essential oils by simply using a small amount at a time. The potent concentration of essential oils allows for its life to be stretched across months at a time, or longer dependent on the frequency of its use.

 The unique thing about the precious oils is that they are strong and long lasting, and it takes very little of these oils to scent a perfume. When comparing pricing of a synthetic perfume to precious essential oils as a fragrance, it’s not so costly. In an essential oil perfume, most of the formula is the carrier oil or the “base oil”. These oils include Jojoba oil, Coconut oil, Almond oil, Avocado oil, or a few others. After you have your base oil and dependent on the size, you only need to add a few drops of the chosen precious essential oil. 

As mentioned above, there are also more affordable oils that are lovely in perfumes. Geranium for instance, has a lot of roseum in it so it smells a lot like rose, and Ylang Ylang exudes floral notes.

Know Your Needs

To make the best use of your oils, know which kind of oils you need. What is your skin type, and what purpose are you using your essential oils for? This way, you will be economical with the use of your essential oils, not exhausting the purposes of them without intent.

  • Dry Skin – Sandalwood, Cedarwood and Rose|
  • Damaged or Aged Skin – Myrrh and Frankincense
  • Acne-Prone Skin – Tea Tree and Rosemary
  • Oily Skin – Tea Tree, Eucalyptus Cardamom

For healthy benefits, inula graveolens is your mother mucolytic oil, which means it helps you feel like you can breathe better, especially when dealing with colds and allergies. It is expensive, but effective when blended with other respiratory oils or just carrier. We’ve included this therapeutic oil in our Breathe Easy Natural Elixir. 

Diffuse Your Oils

Enjoy the benefits of pure essential oils with a diffuser

To stretch and preserve the lifespan of your essential oils, make your own apothecary essential oils kit. Invest in which oils you want to diffuse, either for the aroma or beneficial properties. Diffusing is an easy way to incorporate oils into your daily routine. It allows you to experience the benefits of essential oils without having to mix it with another medium for topical use. We suggest investing in oils that cater to different needs and even customize them for different areas of the home and office. Clean oils for the kitchen and bathroom, tranquil oils for the bedroom and nursery, invigorating and uplifting oils for stressful office environments. Here’s an easy guide for you.

  • Relaxation – Lavender, Rosewood, Majoram Spanish, or Tanactum Annuum
  • Mood Enhancement – Peppermint, Fennel Sweet and Jasmine Absolute
  • Energizing the Soul – Pine, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Sage or Lemongrass

Essential Oil 6 Pack Starter Kit

This Basic 6-Piece Beginner Set has a variety of pure essential oils. These six essential oils are some of the most universally popular and versatile essential oils to get you started and serve as a variety of purposes. These oils are perfect to mix and match or use by themselves.

  • Eucalyptus Blue Gum
  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Lemon Essential Oil
  • Peppermint Essential Oil
  • Rosemary Essential Oil
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil

Remember essential oils are for external use. Avoid contact with eyes and always keep away from children. If you are pregnant, have epilepsy or other medical concerns, consult your doctor before using essential oils.

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