Introducing: Our Minkyti Algae Serum

Introducing Source Vital Apothecary's latest marvel: the Minkyti Algae Serum, a testament to our commitment to natural beauty and innovation. As we celebrate our 35th anniversary, we proudly present this luxurious serum, inspired by our trademarked Minkyti facial regimen that has nourished faces for years. From the very beginning, we've catered to estheticians and massage therapists seeking pure, effective solutions. 

With the Minkyti Algae Serum, we invite you to indulge in the essence of our brand's legacy—clean, natural, and transformative skincare—bringing the spa experience to your bathroom.

 Here's what you need to know about the latest member of the Source Vitál product lineup.

Our Minkyti Algae Serum

Our Minkyti Algae Serum is a luxurious concoction formulated to mirror the opulence of Source Vitál's celebrated Minkyti Facial. Crafted with the finest ingredients, it contains Algae, Aloe, Snow Mushroom, Hyaluronic Acid, Lavender, Rose, and Clary Sage. 

This premium serum offers a multifaceted approach to skin rejuvenation. It provides deep hydration, where each drop delivers essential nourishment. Let the delicate aroma of Lavender and Rose transport you to a realm of tranquility, unlocking the look of a radiant, youthful complexion from the comfort of your own home.

Benefits of Minkyti Algae Serum

Non-Greasy Hydration: Our advanced formula guarantees deep hydration without any lingering greasiness, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Prevents Hydration Loss: Engineered to uphold optimal moisture levels, our serum actively staves off dehydration, maintaining skin suppleness and enduring moisture.

Revitalizes Dehydrated Skin: Bid farewell to dry, lackluster skin as our serum combats dehydration, reinstating vitality and the look of luminosity to your complexion.

Antioxidant Protection: Enriched with potent antioxidants such as Laminaria Algae and Snow Mushroom extracts, our serum wages war against free radicals, shielding your skin from environmental harm and the appearance of premature aging.

Enhances Absorption: Prior to moisturizer application, utilize Minkyti Algae Serum as a base for enhanced absorption, ensuring deep hydration and sustained efficacy. This serum is perfect to layer with other moisturizing serums.

Diminished Appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles: Through profound skin hydration, our serum diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, fostering a smoother, more youthful-looking complexion.

How to Use Minkyti Algae Serum

After cleansing and toning, gently massage 2-3 pumps of the serum onto your face and neck. Embrace a luminous, youthful radiance with each application, layering additional serums, moisturizers, or night creams as desired to personalize your regimen. Suitable for all skin types, use day and/or night to revitalize and nourish your complexion.

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