How to Enjoy the Great Outdoors this Fall

Although curling up in a blanket with hot tea can be a wonderful fall activity, don’t stay cooped up for the entire season! Winter is coming so the motivation to brave the colder weather will continue to dwindle as December creeps up on us. Don’t forget about these fun fall activities that’ll get you outside before the winter weather takes over!

Go to a Pumpkin Patch

Going to a pumpkin patch is an essential fall activity. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, you can even carve the pumpkin after you pick out the perfect one!

Go to a Football Tailgate (or have your own)

Host or attend a tailgate for your favorite boys of fall. Don’t like football? Use it as an excuse to get all your friends in one place. No one says no to free food and drinks.

Collect Pine Cones

Collecting pine cones may seem like a trivial, pointless activity, but it could supply the fall decoration you need in your home. Place the pine cones you find in a glass bowl with some potpourri and you have super trendy, fall themed décor.

Go to the State Fair

Get ready for candy apples and fried food. The state fair is here and a great activity for friends and family to ditch the fuzzy blankets and have some fun!

 Go Camping

Fall is camping season!! Grab your tent and canned food and get ready for some outdoorsy fun. The weather is no longer unbearably hot but not cold enough where you’ll freeze your toes at night. The perfect time for a camping adventure. 

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