How to Create an Environment with Serious Mood-Boosting Benefits

Have you ever noticed how you feel when you enter a room in utter chaos? Maybe it’s crowded, not exactly tidy, or….what is that smell? The places we spend the most time in tend to directly impact certain aspects of your life, such as your mood. Here are a few ways to can turn your space from cluttered chaos to a peaceful paradise.


We know physical de-cluttering is good for a clear mind, while a disorganized space can actually increase stress and confusion. Ensure that your space is tidy, whether that is a desk, your bedroom, or whole home. “Cleansing” your space by lighting a bundle of sage or a Palo Santo stick, which has been used for centuries to remove negative energy, can also encourage a mentality of having a lighter feeling and mood. Light the end of the bundle, then blow it out, circulating the excess smoke around the room. 
Additionally, scenting your space can help to boost your mood. Lighting incense is a great way to potentially increase feelings of calm and focus, while releasing a pleasing scent. Using an essential oil diffuser is also a great way to set an intention, and allows you to customize your scent by combining multiple oils. Our Spirit Essential Oil Blend is a great option to encourage feelings of happiness, open the heart, and soothe the mind. 


Have you taken a walk in the woods and felt like you were in a better mood? Being in nature can have a healing effect on the mind. Taking a few minutes each day to plant your feet on the earth can literally and figuratively “ground” you and help you feel connected with the earth. Can't make it outside? Try making a DIY room spray with our Chakra 1 (Root Chakra) Essential Oil Blend. Combine 15-20 drops of your desired essential oil blend with 1/4 cup witch hazel in a spray bottle. Spray on sheets, in the air, on on other linens for a balancing and grounding effect with the earth. 
In the cooler months, it can be difficult to encourage yourself to get outside in the fresh air. Adding even the smallest bit of nature in to your home can help boost your mood. Try adding a potted plant to your space. Not only are they esthetically pleasing, but they can purify the air and help to absorb toxins. Plants like aloe vera, or eucalyptus are great options, or you can choose to treat yourself to a bouquet of your favorite flowers. 


Although your surroundings are important to your well-being, the people you surround yourself also play a major part on your mood. Ensure you are surrounding yourself with healthy relationships, and you are taking time to check in with them, and they are checking in on you too!
Checking in with family and friends can have serious mood-boosting effects. Even just setting aside a few minutes each week to connect with others can improve your relationship. One of our favorite ways to connect is to send a snail-mail card, no matter the occasion. (There doesn’t even need to be one!) Want to give a little extra something? Check out our Essential Oil Rollerball Collection here-there’s something for everyone!


Your environment doesn’t necessarily have to mean just physical space, It can also mean your mental health and mindset. A super easy way to boost your mood is to do something nice for yourself. Only have a few minutes? Add our calming Lavender Body Scrub to your shower for a relaxing (and smoothing) treat.
Looking to indulge? Ensure you are carving out time nightly to practice good sleep hygiene. Try to get your body in to a routine each night by practicing a bedtime ritual. Light a candle, drink some warm tea, massage some Lemongrass Mani Pedi Cream on your hands and feet. 
On the go, but can’t treat yourself to a mini-spa session? One instant-gratification mood-booster is to write in a gratitude journal or say what you are grateful for out loud. Try thinking of three things your are grateful in this moment. Visualizing the good in your life can help those grateful and happy feelings to flood out in to the everyday. 
What are some of your favorite ways to boost your mood? Let us know if the comments below!

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