DIY All-Natural Candles for the Holidays

Nothing creates a cozy ambiance during the holidays quite like a warm, flickering candle. We love a good scented candle during the holiday season and understand how easy it is to flock to popular candle brands to stock up on our favorite classic scents. Unfortunately, many of these are filled with potentially irritating synthetic fragrances and harsh chemicals that contribute to indoor pollutants. Who wants to breathe in carcinogens? Not us!

While it can be disappointing to find that your favorite fall and winter scents are not so green or clean, we come bearing solutions! Creating your own all-natural seasonal candles is fun, family-friendly, and probably much easier than you may think, and they make a great gift!

What you’ll need to get started:
Beeswax pellets for DIY Candle Making

  • Soy or beeswax pellets (one pound will make approximately two large candles)
  • 2 Natural wicks
  • 2 heat-safe containers of your choice (be sure to choose a container that is completely sealed and will resist cracking from the heat of the hot wax – glass mason jars are a great option)
  • Your favorite essential oils, we recommend the following:
  • Glass bowl
  • Large sized pot

How-to Make Your Own Candles

DIY holiday Candles with Essential Oils

First, fill your large pot halfway with water. Place the glass bowl full of wax inside the pot, and set your stove to medium in order to melt the wax. Melt the wax down until it is clear, stirring occasionally.

Once your wax is fully melted, add in your essential oils. If you wish to dye your candles, you can mix in a few drops of natural food coloring, for a DIY on how to make your own check out this blog from Nourishing Joy. Stir in your chosen oils and optional food coloring until everything is well blended.

Dip the metal side of your wick into the hot wax and press them down into the bottoms of your containers. Hold the wick taught by wrapping the top of the wick around a pencil, resting the pencil on the top of your container. Fill your containers with hot wax, making sure to leave a little bit of room at the top. Let the wax cool, fully solidifying before use.

Hand Crafted candle scented with essential oils

Simple, fun and practical!

Get creative by layering different colors of wax, using unique containers such as teacups or mason jars or experimenting with essential oil combinations. The options are endless, and these candles are a unique, thoughtful gift for the candle-lover in your life.

Have a favorite essential oil blend that is your go-to? Let us know in the comments!

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