The Care and Keeping of Your Diffuser

If you’re anything like the team at Source Vitál Apothecary, you have a deep love for essential oils, and likely have an essential oil diffuser (or three) in your home. We count on our diffusers to help us improve our moods, help us sleep better, or give us a much-needed boost of energy.

Our diffusers work so hard to help us improve our holistic health and wellness, so isn’t it time we give them some tender, loving, care? After all, we want to ensure our diffusers continue to run smoothly and help them last as long as possible.
Curious about how to give your diffuser its own spa day? Here’s how to properly care for it.


Caring For Your Diffuser

Cleaning your diffuser is important since residue from essential oils can build up on the inside, as well as mineral deposits from water, which can affect how well it works. We recommend draining, then wiping your diffuser with a microfiber cloth after each use to prevent this buildup. If you’re using your diffuser daily, you’ll want to ensure you are deep-cleaning it twice per month. 

Tip: Take special care when using more viscous essential oils such as patchouli essential oil, chamomile, or myrrh, or blends that may contain them. 

Method for Deep-Cleaning

  1. Turn off and unplug your diffuser
  2. Empty any water or remaining oil that remains in the diffuser reservoir
  3. Fill your diffuser about halfway up with clean water, but stop below the max fill line.
  4. Add 10 drops of pure white vinegar to the diffuser, which will help to remove any oil that may be stuck on the glass or plastic pieces. 
  5. Let the diffuser run for 3-5 minutes, allowing the diluted vinegar to disperse through the unit
  6. Drain completely, and wipe down with a clean cloth. You can use a clean Q-tip to clean the final details in your machine. Cleaning the ultrasonic plate or chip, which breaks down the oil into base molecules and causes water vibrations to disperse is the most important.
  7. Rinse one more time with clean water, and empty once more
  8. Let dry before your next use.

Why Deep Clean?

We’ve touched on the fact that deep cleaning can help prolong the life of your diffuser, but there are additional benefits as well. Some essential oils have very corrosive properties and letting them linger in your machine can increase the chances of damaging your diffuser. 

Another good reason to ensure you are giving your diffuser some TLC is to ensure that your leftover oils don’t accidentally blend with any new oils you are looking to diffuse. Nothing can ruin a potential night of deep sleep like smelling your leftover invigorating essential oils from the morning. 

Troubleshooting Your Diffuser

You’ve waited all day to diffuser your lavender essential oil, but nothing seems to be working. Here’s how you can troubleshoot and get those beautiful oils diffusing once again. 

  • Check that there is water in the bowl and that the water level is correct.
  • Check that the power adapter is securely plugged into the wall socket, and the adapter is plugged into the diffuser.
  • Make sure you are using only filtered water, tap water, or spring water. Do not use distilled water, as it can affect the diffusion.
  • Check that the air intake is not blocked and that airflow can happen freely.  Over time, hair or dust can enter the unit through the air intake.
  • Ensure that you are operating the diffuser on a level, hard surface, rather than on a towel or any soft surface that will restrict the airflow.
  • If the above still doesn’t work, contact the manufacturer.

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