Pimple Dos and Don’ts for Teens

Pimples are a pain (and can be quite literally painful). For teenagers, acne can be a BIG issue, affecting mood and self esteem. Adapting a holistic approach to cleansing and caring for the skin can help reduce these problems for your teen and make them healthier and happier in the process.

Avoid processed foods. Sweets and starchy foods, like white breads, cookies and cakes, may be linked to acne. Skip them when possible in favor of real, fresh foods and swap the soda for water.

Lighten up the makeup. It’s probably tempting for your teen to pile on the makeup when a breakout occurs, urge them to skip it completely or opt for a water-based, natural formula instead. Makeup clogs pores and can worsen flare ups.

Cleansing. There’s a thin line between cleansing too much and not enough. Twice daily cleansing is necessary to remove dirt, grime and makeup; more than that will remove natural oils that keep skin healthy.

No popping! Popping pimples can inflame already irritated skin, and even cause scarring in the future. Take your teen to a dermatologist or esthetician to educate them on proper skin treatment. Sometimes, hearing the same advice from a professional instead of parent makes it easier to follow! 

Don’t use a dirty cell. Teens spend much of the day on their cell phones, making for easy exposure to bacteria during calls. Advise them to clean their phone in between phone calls or use earphones to avoid skin irritation.

Try essential oils. Tea tree, ylang ylang, lavender and geranium, just to name a few, are all useful for cleansing and protecting the skin. Often there is a misunderstanding when it comes to oils. It seems logical that using oils on congested skin will only lead to more breakouts. However this is not true. There are oils (like the essential oils mentioned above as well as carrier oils like jojoba and hazelnut) that help to keep oily, acne-prone skin cleansed, nourished and visibly smoother. The key is to stay away from petroleum based mineral oil and oils used for more mature skin types like borage and evening primrose. With balancing and purifying properties, the right blend of oils can be an effective addition to your teen's skin care routine.

Nutritional supplement. It can be difficult to ensure that your teen is getting proper nutrition, especially during school hours. Adding a supplement, like our Algae Nutrio Whole Food Supplement, helps ensure that what goes into the body shows up on the outside of your body.

In addition to the tips above, we’ve crafted the perfect kit for anyone with acne, including teens. When combined with healthy lifestyle changes, these products can make major improvements in the skin's appearance! 

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