Understanding Your Headaches and How to Treat Them Holistically

Have you ever experienced a headache? Odds are, you probably have. Two of the main types of headaches that I see often are digestive and tension. In this blog post, I’ll introduce you to the causes of both types, then provide a holistic treatment!

Digestive headaches

Digestive headaches often are caused by something we eat, not necessarily something you’re allergic to, but something your body doesn’t tolerate well. We all have these foods that we love to eat, but your body has other opinions and is probably very good at letting you know when it’s not happy. For example, you might love jalapenos but when you eat them they make your stomach feel queasy.  Processed and pre-packaged foods contain ingredients such as food additives, preservatives like nitrites, and flavor enhancers like MSG. While many people can tolerate these ingredients, others with more sensitive systems cannot, resulting in headaches. Improper food combinations and food allergies may also cause headaches.

Tension headaches

Tension headaches are typically caused by muscle tension and stress. When you sit at a desk all day, using a computer with your hands, arms and neck in the same position for long periods of time, your muscles become tight and stiff. The muscles in your neck and back attach to the base of your skull and when they tighten, they pull on your head. Additionally, having tight muscles for a prolonged period of time reduces circulation in your muscles. If this sounds like your daily routine, you might be more prone to tension headaches. Stress is simply a fact of life today. Whether business related or personal, everyone has situations that make them uncomfortable. When you’re in a stressful situation, you’ll feel the muscles in your body tighten up. Regular massages can help release the tightness in muscles, but getting a massage every day isn’t an option for everyone. There are plenty of articles about getting up every hour and moving around or exercises you can do at your desk to release tension in muscles. These are all beneficial for preventing muscle tension, you just have to actually do them!

Holistic Treatment

Regardless of the cause, if you develop a headache you’ll want to treat it. For a digestive headache, apply a few drops of Allevia on your tummy or a drop or two onto your tongue. Massage the drops into your temples, the base of skull, and the back of your neck. For a tension headache, add drops to your shoulders as well. Then, breathe deeply. This unique blend is also effective for bad breath, heartburn and indigestion. Why Allevia? The ingredients in Allevia were chosen specifically to help with headaches. In herbal traditions, peppermint has long been used to relieve headaches, including migraines. Properties of peppermint include a cooling effect, as well as stimulating circulation to reduce muscle tension. It also has been used to settle an upset stomach. Lavender is also a key ingredient in the blend. Lavender seems to help just about everything, including headaches! Fennel and our vanilla oleoresin and extract not only make Allevia taste good, but they are also tonics to help your digestion. Lemon, marjoram, coriander, basil, and benzoin give extra help in reducing stomachache and upsets. When combined, these oils can bring temporary relief to your headache—regardless of the cause.  

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