4 Holistic Ways to Simplify Your Life

Life gets busy. In honor of National Simplify Your Life Week, we wanted to celebrate a lifestyle free of excess­­—where our love of experiences and objects supplements a happy life and does not detract from it. Here are tangible ways to practice simplicity this week!

Find what fills you, and make time for it.

You need two lists. On the first, write down everything that stirs your affections for what you believe to be true, good and beautiful. What makes you feel more human? More alive? More yourself? On the second list, write down everything that steals from this peace. What causes you unnecessary stress? What activities are you doing in your free time that leave you feeling empty, not full? Make time for at least one of the items from the first list every day. When you gravitate habitually toward something on the second list, replace it with an action from the first list. This exercise looks different for everyone. Maybe you read a book instead of cruising Facebook for an hour before bed, or talk to an old friend instead of staring at your to-do list for the fifteenth time today (you have it memorized anyway).

Cultivate a space that gives, not takes.

Decluttering expert Marie Kondo asks one simple question when it comes to stuff– “Does it spark joy?” If something is not useful or does not bring you any sort of pleasure, donate it. Too often we surround ourselves with items that we keep out of guilt or because we believe knowing we own them will give us pleasure. In fact, coming home to clutter has been related through research to higher levels of damaging stress. Your things should lend to your happiness, not deplete it.

Quiet down.

Take time away from any sort of screen daily. Journal, take a walk, and let your mind wander. It’s important to acknowledge what’s going on internally, so that when you step into any external role you can be fully engaged and present. If you have trouble slowing down, try using one of our essential oil blends.

Plan ahead.

Make small decisions ahead of time. Prepare meals in advance, schedule time to exercise and reserve your right to rest. Leaving no ambiguity around fundamental aspects of your health will make sure your body gets what it needs and leave more energy for the good kind of spontaneity. We hope these suggestions help you take steps toward a simple life. Find what works for you, and embrace your individuality in this pursuit. If you have comments or questions, we’d love to hear from you on Twitter at @SourceVital!

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