Packing List for Your Backpacking Trip

Nature offers endless adventures. Embracing them through hiking can increase your physical, mental and emotional well-being. Whether you’re taking a morning trek with the family or braving the wilderness for two weeks, planning is essential to a successful backpacking experience.

Here are some items to never leave behind as you go on your merry way:

  • Quality shoes: Invest in boots or tennis shoes that fit you correctly and provide substantial ankle support. Also consider how much your footwear weighs, since you’ll be carrying or wearing it.
  • Hat: Choose a hat with a brim to provide extra sun protection and to keep camp-hair in check for pictures.
  • Insect repellent: Persistent mosquitoes can ruin a hike. Check out our blog on natural insect repellents and enjoy the sights without the stings.
  • Sun protection: Consider wearing light, layered clothing that covers exposed skin to help guard against sun damage, and use our After Sun Soother to calm sunburn.
  • Camera: Opt for a disposable–you won’t be as worried about keeping up with it or losing charge, and you won’t spend all day habitually flipping through digital pictures.
  • Cellphone: Bring it along in case of emergency, but try to keep it turned off and stowed away. Nature and your fellow hikers deserve your full attention!
  • First aid:  Don’t forget adhesives and our First Aid Cream, First Aid Oil and First Aid Spray. These natural products will help heal sunburn, insect bites and cuts.
  • Raincoat: You never know.
  • Energy bars: Choose an energy bar that is high in protein to nourish you through a long hike.
  • Water bottles: Bring a refillable water bottle and replenish it every chance you get. Hydration is one of the most important elements of a safe and enjoyable hike!
  • Map: Highlight your planned route and one plan B route.
  • Journal, book or yoga mat: Bring a reflective activity along on a shorter hike and make the most of your breaks.
Everything’s better in nature. Some of the best walks are right outside of your front door, and there’s sure to be a park or natural area near your home. Please contact us on Twitter at @SourceVital if you have any comments, questions or concerns! Happy hiking.

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