How to Keep Up Your Skincare Regimen During Vacation

Summer’s here at last, and you’re ready to get out of town. Whether you plan to visit family, relax on a beach or brave the wilderness—vacation is not the time to suspend your skincare regimen. Short-term neglect can have lasting effects, and there’s no reason to let breakouts, dry skin or other problems keep you from fully embracing your next adventure. Here are some of our favorite tips to maintain healthy skin in any environment!

Drink lots of water.

As you enjoy vacation, you may consume more alcohol or spend extended periods of time in the sun. Because of this, consistent water intake is crucial for every part of your body, especially your skin. Drinking water improves skin elasticity, can lessen stress-related damage, and transfers nutrients to cells. Wherever you go, stay hydrated!

Follow your normal skincare routine.

Continue your normal skincare routine as much as possible. Altering your normal pace may cause skin to react negatively while you are on vacation or upon your return.


Sometimes your skin needs a little help adjusting to unfamiliar climates and staying healthy under the strain of travel. If skin feels dry, don’t be afraid to apply extra moisture. We have a variety of natural moisturizers to complement any skin type!

Take care of your eyes.

The area around your eyes is particularly sensitive. To stop specific problems from developing, try our Puffy Eyes Kit and our Crow’s Feet Kit. Again, don’t forget to add moisture, especially under the eyes.

Get some sleep.

It’s easy to think sleep can wait. However, getting 7-9 hours of sleep a night will revitalize your body and mind. Forgoing sleep can worsen existing skin problems, increase breakouts related to immune deficiencies, and accelerate aging.

At Source Vital, we believe holistic living is beneficial to the mind and body. Taking care of your overall well-being on vacation will positively affect your skin. Please let us know on Twitter at @SourceVital if you have any questions about caring for your skin on the move! We would love to be of service.

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