5 Reasons to Start a Regular Yoga Practice

Here at Source Vitál, we live by a holistic approach—treating the body as a whole. Our skincare line is just one component of living a healthy, holistic life. Healthy eating, getting enough sleep, and exercising are all important elements that help create balance in your life. Yoga hits on several aspects of holism by emphasizing balance between the body and mind. Here are five reasons why we suggest adding a regular yoga practice into your life:

  1. Physical exercise. Moving your muscles and joints daily increases circulation in your body and can provide cardiovascular benefits such as increased endurance and improved oxygen intake.
  2. Stress relief. Yoga encourages relaxation through a moving meditation. Additionally, unplugging from technology for a 60- to 90-minute class helps with maintaining your focus instead of stressing about your next deadline.
  3. Awareness on your breath. Deep breathing, as taught in yoga, can relieve stress and bring more oxygen into the body.
  4. Focus on the present. Yoga teaches you to focus on the now. By shutting out external conflicts, you can tackle challenges as they meet you.
  5. Increase energy. Yoga replenishes the body and mind with new energy. We suggest practicing in the morning to fully awaken your body and prepare for your day.

There are many different styles and approaches to yoga. Give a few different types a try to see what works best for your body, mind and schedule! If you already have a regular yoga practice, we’d love to know what style you practice. Send us a tweet to @SourceVital or write us a note in the comments.

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