Baby, It’s Cold Outside

The winter chill is upon us, and you’re busy bundling up, eating soup, and lighting the wood-burning fire. Staying warm during the winter is important, but so is proper skincare. Cold air, wind, and indoor heat all contribute to skin dryness and irritation, which can all have long-term effects on your skin. So, while the weather outside it frightful, here are a few suggestions to make your skin feel more delightful!

  • Stay away from hot, hot showers, as the heat strips moisture from your skin.
  • Consider using a humidifier at night. In addition to helping your skin, it’ll also keep your throat and nasal passages from feeling dry.
  • Protect your skin! It’s important to continue wearing SPF during the winter months.
  • Watch what you wear. Materials like wool can irritate skin.
  • Increase fluids. Try avoiding caffeine and drinking more water!

In addition to following these tips, we suggest adding a good moisturizer to your skincare regime. During January, we’re going to make taking care of your skin easier by offering 20 percent off our facial and body moisturizers. Click here to start shopping!

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