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New Year, New You

We want 2015 to be your best year yet! Clear, beautiful skin is the perfect way to begin a new year, and we want to make taking care of your skin easier. Cleaning your skin using the right products is one of the most important elements of your beauty regime. We expose our skin to all sorts of pollutants on a daily basis, from make-up and dirt to dead skin, making it crucial to unclog your pores!

This January, we want to help you cleanse, rinse and repeat! We’re offering a 20 percent discount on all cleansing products. Our wide selection is designed so there’s something for everyone and every skin type—from oily to dry and sensitive. Enjoy 20 percent off the following products throughout January, and say hello to the new you!

  • Algae Deep Cleanse
  • Algae Deep Cleanse for Men
  • Geranium Cleanser
  • Lavender Cleanser
  • Lemon Gel Cleanser
  • Facial Cleanser Simple
  • Eye Make-up Remover
  • Body Cleanser Simple
  • Detox Body Cleanser
  • Stress Relief Body Cleanser
  • Vigor Body Cleanser

Kathy Pope is a Co-Owner and Vice President of Source Vitál Apothecary. She's been with the company for more than 15 years in numerous roles. She is the sister of Source Vitál founder, Jerry Pope, and an avid beauty and skin care product user. She brings you content on ingredients, do's and don'ts, how-to's and more.

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