Why Amber Glass and Plastic Containers?

Why are our products housed in the amber glass and plastic? Think of it as sunshades for body and skin care products.We did not choose the amber containers just because it looks good and we like the earthy, natural color! There is more to it than that.

Light, whether natural or artificial, degrades products through photo chemical reactions. We use the amber bottles and jars to to prevent our products, whether a single essential oil or a complex cream, from photo oxidation. Especially with natural products, colored packaging is a must.

Our amber glass is European, classic pharmaceutical grade. It is readily available and stable in the market place in many sizes, unlike other colors such as blue, green, and violet. Amber glass is normally easier to recycle than other colors.

Our amber plastic bottles and jars are made from Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET).  PET is strong and has good gas and moisture barrier properties, which is mandatory when holding active ingredients like seaweed extracts and essential oils. Our amber PET plastic is made in the United States. As far as recycling, the cleaned, recycled PET flakes and pellets are in great demand for spinning fiber for carpet yarns and producing fiberfill (parkas, coats, sleeping bags, comforters, etc.) and geotextiles. Other applications include strapping, molding compounds and both food and non-food containers. It is a #1 for recycling.

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