Remembering Our Founder Jerry Pope and the Future of Source Vital

On September 17th, 2012, Source Vitál lost it's founder and CEO Jerry Pope.

Some of you were lucky enough to know him. For those who did, you knew what he meant to the company, to his friends, to his family and what those things and people meant to him. For us, Jerry wasn't just a boss. He was a best friend. A brother. A father. An uncle. An educator. A mentor. A philosopher.

As his sister Kathy Pope said, "He lived well, touched many, and made a difference. His was no ordinary life."

For those of you who didn't have the privilege of meeting Jerry, just know that his love, his passion, his beliefs and his loyalty live on in the company and product line that he created. Jerry's goal was to help make people's lives better through his company and products. Whether it was hiring a friend or family member or it was formulating a new product to prevent acne, his goal was simple - make someone's life better. Through the company, he could do that by creating a place of work that promoted hard work, health and passion. From the perspective of his products, Jerry believed he could do that through the truly natural ingredients that helped his customers without the harmful side effects of petrochemical distillates, pharmaceuticals, synthetic fragrances and animal products. Read Jerry's Founder's Letter for a more thorough explanation.

While Jerry's loss is one of large magnitude, one that can't be quantified, his vision will go on. Source Vitál is not your typical company. Frankly, it's not your typical family-run business. It's much more than that and will continue to be. Jerry's twin daughters, Madeleine and Samantha, along with his sister, Kathy are now owners of Source Vitál. While Madeleine and Samantha have decided to be involved in the company their father created, Kathy has been named Managing Director and will make day-to-day decisions regarding the operations of the company. Kathy has worked for Source Vitál for 12 years in a number of operations and sales capacities and along with Fran Higgins, has been Jerry's "right hand ladies" running the business for the past several years.

We have also installed a 3 member Advisory Board to help provide guidance where it's needed. This board includes:

  • Brea Gratia - The other original founder of both Source Vitál and the nation's first day spa, Sanctuary Spa d' Sante. When they were married, Jerry helped Brea start Sanctuary and 5 years later (in 1989), Jerry quit his job as a metal salesman to start Source Vitál with Brea's help and they ran both businesses together until 2006. Brea still runs Sanctuary Spa d' Sante and will bring unparalleled knowledge to help with product innovation, along with research and development.
  • Paul Colgin - Currently serves as Chief Marketing Officer at Houston-based electricity company, Bounce Energy. Paul worked for Source Vitál from 1999 to 2004 as eCommerce Director. Paul has continued to consult and manage several marketing and technology projects for the company in the past several years. Paul will provide guidance on current and new marketing, social media, digital and technology initiatives.
  • Charles Irvine - Represents clients in state and federal court, and in matters before the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and the State Office of Administrative Hearings. He is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Houston law Center, where he teaches classes in Texas Coastal and Ocean Law, Endangered Species and Biodiversity Law, Environmental Law, and Practice of Environmental Law. With no prior affiliation with Source Vitál, Charles will bring a different business perspective, along with many new ideas while sharing Jerry's original vision of natural holism and health.
Even with our loss, Source Vitál has never been stronger. We will continue to move forward, innovate and strive for greatness. We'll leave you with this final thought...

"To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die." -Thomas Campbell.

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