Some of our Favorite First Aid Stories featuring First Aid Spray, Oil and Cream

All of our products are beneficial and we hear compliments and success stories about all of them. Some of the most talked about products are First Aid Oil and its related products, First Aid Cream and First Aid Spray. All of us here at Source Vital have our First Aid Stories, as do so many of our customers!

This pure essential oil blend was formulated over 20 years ago, from a need for a remedy that addressed all kinds of stings, bites, bruises, bumps, cuts- any kind of "boo-boo". It was originally named "B, B & C". Little did we know that such a little bottle of essential oils would be so powerful!

Brea Gratia, owner of Sanctuary Spa d' Sante in Houston, will tell you about being on vacation in Asheville, North Carolina. While hiking, she met up with a fellow hiker as he stepped into a wasp nest in a hollow log. In pain with many stings, he was instantly relieved when Brea poured First Aid Oil onto his leg. Instrumental in formulating First Aid Oil, Brea will also tell you about her run-ins with fire ants and how First Aid Oil helped those heal. She will tell you the same thing we know- the quicker you can get the Oil onto the wound, the better it works.

We also supply several veterinary clinics. These vets are using and selling this essential oil blend on animals, especially dogs and horses. It seems to help heal "hot spots" and other skin conditions in animals. We see it being used on bed sores with the chronically ill in hospitals. First Aid Oil is used to prepare the skin for surgery, helping the skin layers heal and repair quickly after the incisions.

One of our employees took a fall and found that First Aid Oil dramatically healed deep bruising down her leg.

A few years ago, we decided we needed a spray form of First Aid, for sunburns and such. Before we knew it, we had clients commenting that it was a great insect repellant. As far as we can tell, as a repellant, First Aid Spray works for some and not for others.

One employee gave the spray to a friend with a toddler that had a chronic case of diaper rash. The pediatrician-prescribed creams and ointments were not healing the rash and the child (and mother) were miserable. A couple of days later, she called us in amazement. Her son's severe diaper rash was gone. Of course, as she laughingly told us, he still wanted to be sprayed during every diaper change, as he liked the cool feeling! We have had many mothers and grandmothers brag about the First Aid Spray for all those "boo-boos".

Our next step was to formulate the First Aid Cream, mainly in respond to a need for an emollient product to be applied after waxing. Now, we have clients using First Aid Cream for all kinds of skin issues. It is perfect for those wounds that need the staying power of a cream.

Holli Briggs is one of our long-time clients. She is a massage therapist, living and practicing in Henderson, Texas. She sent us a funny and heartfelt testimonial about our First Aids. It is too long to copy here but she tells us about it healing a burn on her son's back from an errant Roman candle, a bee sting that she was allergic to, and a friend's First Aid Spray experience while going through breast cancer treatments. It seems First Aid Spray helped not only heal the surgery site when too tender to touch, but also relieved the itch that accompanied her flaky scalp as she was losing her hair. Holli calls it "Blue Juice".

And, on and on. Simple, but so effective. If you have not made our First Aid Remedies part of you life, try them. Share them with your friends and family. You will be so glad you did! And, don't forget to send us your First Aid stories!

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