3 Reasons Why You Should Be Shaking Your Beauty Products

Over the years, we’ve been instructed to shake many things- flavorful salad dressing, the perfect martini, and even a Polaroid picture. (Polaroid contrarily came out saying NOT to do this.)
One thing you should be shaking (if you aren’t already) are your beauty products. There are a few simple reasons why a quick shake of your products can make a huge impact on your skin.

Lack of Emulsifiers

trio of toning essences

Many natural skincare and cosmetic products contain both oil and water soluble ingredients, and because of this, can result in separation - which is completely normal and natural. As a company that strives to be as clean as possible, we try to avoid undesirable binders and emulsifiers, such as PEG’s (polyethylene glycol,) polysorbates, and substandard waxes. Some of these ingredients cause the oil and water in a formula to bind together, resulting in a uniform product. When possible, we select cleaner alternatives, and if not feasible, choose to leave the product as is, with instructions to shake. 

Our recently reformulated Toning Essences are a perfect example of a product that requires shaking before use. They are considered a bi-phase product, which means it is not emulsified. The frosted glass bottles allow you to clearly see the intentional separation of essential oils and botanicals, and also help you see when the product is fully combined and ready for use. 

Weight of Ingredients

deozein retail and refill size

In order to provide the most effective, clean formulations, we use a wide variety of ingredients. Many of these ingredients don’t posses the same weight or density, resulting in the lighter ingredients rising to the top and heavier ingredients sinking towards to bottom. This is especially true of products that contain color pigments, like foundation, or products that are sitting on the countertop for a long time being unused. 
We recommend taking extra care with your Source Vital products, ensuring that they remain out of direct sunlight and heat. With sporadically used products, shake them in between uses to prevent settling of heavier ingredients. Settled ingredients can result in clogged or non-working sprayers or droppers. 
Our Deozein Natural Deodorant Sprays contain alum mineral salts, a naturally occurring salt that has been used for thousands of years as a natural deodorant. Shaking your Deozein frequently, especially when not in use, will prevent the salt from settling and blocking the sprayer. If you do encounter a clogged sprayer, rinsing with warm water should clear the blockage, allowing it to work once more. 

Optimizes Performance

custom facial cocktail 1 month and 4 month supply

Our carefully selected ingredients are formulated in such a way that they rely on each other to create the most effective product possible. In order to achieve that perfect balance, some products will require that you shake them to incorporate all the ingredients. If not well-combined, ingredients that sit on top have the potential to irritate, as they tend to be more concentrated and potent. 
Our Custom Facial Cocktail is a multiple phase product in which you’re in the driver’s seat. Each cocktail is unique and personalized to your specific skin goals and concerns. Within the cocktail, you are able to choose care infusions, a combination of essential oils and botanicals, as well as additional shots to boost your cocktail. By not shaking before use, you are risking applying essential oils directly on the skin indented to the mixed with other ingredients, which can cause irritation, redness, and inflammation. 
When it comes to your beauty routine, take a cue from Mr. Bond, and shake, shake, shake!

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