Six Winter Skin Care Tips

Whether you’ve been hitting the slopes or cozying up next to a warm fire, your skin might be paying the price due to harsher, drier conditions of winter weather. This month, we have dedicated a blog post on tackling this concern. Take a look at our top tips for maintaining a healthy glow during these winter months.


Drier, colder air means dehydrated skin. Replenish from within! 

Ditch Antibacterial Bar Soap

Did you know some antibacterial bars of soap can be harsh on the skin? They can sometimes leave an invisible residue on the surface of your skin, too. Incorporate a moisturizing body wash into your shower routine as an alternative. 

Exfoliate and Moisturize

Removing dead skin cells through the use of an exfoliant creates a surface that easily absorbs moisturizer. Consider our Detox Scrub, which also assists in removing toxins from your body.

Quick Showers

While tempting during cold weather, the less time you spend in a hot shower water means a lower chance of your skin being stripped of its natural oils. Opt for a warm – not hot – shower for less than 15 minutes.

Stock Up on Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids can lead to smoother, younger-looking skin thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Omega-3 fatty acids also help control skin conditions, like acne and psoriasis, which can be offset by drier weather. 

Adding Essential Oils to Your Bath

Since the natural oils on your skin are inevitably compromised when showering and bathing, adding additional oils to your bathing routine can replenish the loss. Try adding a few drops of an essential oil, like Serene Bath Oil, to your next soak. As an added benefit, these oils also smell great!

This winter, we hope you not only stay warm, but also moisturized! For more holistic health care tips, continue to follow our blog, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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