Natch Beaut Podcast + Source Vitál - Listen Now For the Chance to Win a $250 Gift Card

We're Natch Beaut famous y'all!

Stop what you're doing and head over to your favorite podcast player to listen to our conversation with Natch Beaut podcast host Jackie Johnson - aka "The Beauty Talk Shock Jock, your Queen of Creams, Your Host with the Most Serums, the Freshest Fringe on the West Coast, Your Favorite Over 30 Niche Influencer, the Pop Punk Princess, the Kookie Southern Aunt, the Low Rise Jeans Queen of the Mid Aughts"

Our very own chemist and product developer, Sophia Peon-Leyva sat down with Jackie to discuss all things Source Vitál including how we're handling COVID-19, yummy natural ingredients, how to spa from home while in quarantine, favorite essential oils, custom products and much more.

Plus, by listening you can enter our Natch Beaut Giveaway for the chance to win a $250 gift card and unlock a secret promo code exclusive to Natch Beaut listeners. So you gotta listen to win!

Click here to listen now on Apple Podcast or here for Spotify 

Enjoy, and remember what Jackie says, "You deserve to be happy!"

Source Vitál Apothecary on Natch Beaut Podcast with Jackie Johnson

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