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We bring you 100% natural remedies, alternatives to the synthetic products that are on the market today. For most day-to-day ailments, you need not resort to pharmaceutical or petrochemical products. These synthetic options suppress & weaken the human immune system. Our plant-based remedies have no negative side effects.
  • Allevia

    Peppermint and Fennel Blend
    Headaches & indigestion may seem to be unrelated, but many headaches result from poor digestive function, improper food combining, sluggish elimination...

    $19.95 - $51.00

  • Asthma & Sinus

    for chronic respiratory complaints

    In aromatherapy, inula graveolens (Elecampane) is known as the Mother Mucolytic. It is the strongest natural anti-mucolytic (build up of mucus)...

    $29.95 - $91.00

  • Breathe Easy

    for minor sinus, cold, flu relief
    This broad-spectrum aromatic blend is effective for both upper & lower respiratory conditions. It encourages deep breathing, relief...

    $19.95 - $51.00

  • Euphoria

    for stress, trauma, anxiety
    Euphoria is self explanatory, being an uplifted state of being! This blend of essential oils helps soothe the psyche, reduce stress,...

    $19.95 - $51.00

  • First Aid Cream

    for healing sunburns & rashes, after waxing
    This cream was born out of a need for an effective, natural after-wax product for spas. With...

    $21.95 - $61.00

  • First Aid Oil

    for healing burns, bruises, bites, cuts, scrapes
    Our First Aid Oil is simply an undiluted, pure essential oil blend. This therapeutic oil helps to...

    $31.95 - $111.00

  • First Aid Spray

    for healing sunburn, insect bites, diaper rash, cuts
    This spray was formulated for those times when a wound needs a very light touch. Sunburn...

    $12.95 - $61.00

  • Mental Clarity

    for those of us that deal with memory issues and brain fog

    Our Mental Clarity is simply an undiluted, pure essential oil blend. This therapeutic...

    $40.95 - $81.00

  • Transition

    for grief, loss, major life changes
    While death, loss, & major life changes are a part of life, these issues are still painful. Whether losing...

    $32.95 - $131.00