Wheat Germ Oil (Cold Pressed, Unrefined)


Wheat Germ Oil (Cold Pressed, Unrefined)


100% Natural Carrier Oil for Skin, Body & Hair Care

Botanical Name: triticum vulgare

There are times when you have to pull out the big guns on dry skin and hair. Wheat Germ oil can definitely help to instill a look and feel of moisturization any time of year.

This oil, rich in Vitamin E, helps to improve the appearance of scarring and cracked skin. Loaded with antioxidants, Wheat Germ oil also fights free radical damage, giving the skin a glowing, youthful look.

  • Rich in antioxidants, Vitamin A, B, & E
  • Good for use on all skin types, especially mature skin
  • Use to give dry, cracked skin a soft, moisturized feel
  • Lessens the appearance of scarring and smooths the look of stretch marks
  • Helps to give skin a glowing appearance and even tone
  • Works to restore a feeling of softness and luster to dry, damaged hair
  • Beneficial for extending the shelf life of other botanical oils and formulated blends

Perfect for many skin and body care uses. When blending, formula should contain no more than 10-15% of this cold-pressed Wheat Germ Oil. Wheat Germ may not last as long as you wish. Refrigerating this oil will extend its life. Our oil is imported from Israel.

Caution: Those with wheat or gluten allergy or sensitivity should avoid wheat germ, or at least patch test with it.

Because of the nature of using natural ingredients, we will make adjustments to our formulations. The ingredient listing above may change periodically. You should refer to the product bottle, jar or packaging for the list of ingredients for your batch.

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