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Scar Treatment Trio for the Body

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This simple kit will diminish existing scars by nourishing the skin, inside and out, and exfoliation.

This kit includes:
Body & Bath Brush
Silt Body Scrub (8.39oz)
First Aid Oil (.23oz)

If purchased separately, $68.85

Whether accidental or the result of surgery, scars can be diminished. This kit is effective for old scars.
Silt Body Scrub
Colloidal Freshwater Silt is known for its oxygenating and anti-inflammatory properties. Blended with selected essential oils, this scrub removes dead skin and stimulates cell renewal. This product is softening and super-hydrating. Exfoliate the scarred area daily.

First Aid Oil
Our First Aid Oil is simply an undiluted pure essential oil blend. This therapeutic oil helps to alleviate pain and heal insect bites, stings, bruising, scrapes, scratches, cuts, rashes, and other skin irritations and eruptions. It is also effective in preparing skin for surgery and improving scarred tissue. Massage in daily to the scarred area. Be careful to avoid eyes. This oil may stain clothing.

Remember, you do not have to use a lot of any of the Source Vitál products. They are concentrated. A little goes a long way!

Additional Suggestions:

Consider adding Algae Nutrio Whole Food Supplement to this regimen. Algae Nutrio is the cornerstone product of Source Vitál. This vitamin & mineral supplement is an unique combination of four algae powders. Our algae provide nutritional support for healthy vision, immunity, metabolism, muscles, bones, skin, & hair. We strongly recommend this supplement to ensure you are getting proper nutrition that your body needs to support your efforts to clear your skin. Remember, what goes on inside the body, shows up on the outside of your body!