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Holiday Skin Care Gift Set

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Give the Gift of Great Skin with this Perfect Stocking Stuffer!

This 4-piece natural skin care kit includes some of our most popular products.

Great for nearly any skin type, give your loved ones – or yourself – an amazing, invigorating peppermint-infused facial cleanse, the best exfoliating scrub, a natural facial serum for skin that looks revitalized and the perfect moisturizer to get clear skin that glows with holiday cheer.

Pick one up today... it makes the perfect gift! Happy Holidays!

Features & Benefits

  • Specially curated to include some of our most coveted face products
  • Well-suited for most skin types
  • Made with natural, good-for-you ingredients
  • Nestled together in a no-hassle drawstring bag – perfect to fit in a stocking or pack in your travel bag
  • Products suitable for men and women
  • This is a cruelty-free gift!

If purchased separately, $61.80.

Gift Set Includes

Algae Deep Cleanse (2.23 fl. oz.) – Stimulating, this deep pore cleanser wakes up the skin with a delightful peppermint tingle, helping to purify and invigorate your skin. Great for all skin types, this unique seaweed paste can be used as your standard skin cleanser or as a secondary cleanser. Use regularly to help diminish the look of blackheads and blemishes or to give the skin an extra boost. Can be used morning or night.

Silt Scrub (2.23 fl. oz.) – Our number one facial exfoliant! This fragrant, natural scrub makes use of Colloidal Freshwater Silt. This ingredient adds naturally occurring humic acids, which have the same benefits as alpha hydroxy acids, to help remove dead skin cells and reveal a smooth, clear-looking complexion. Silt Scrub is full of ingredients that boast powerful anti-oxidant properties such as Vitamin E, fatty acids, and chlorophyll. For all skin types and easy to use. Men, give this a try before shaving for the smoothest shave of your life! 

Toning Infusion (0.4 fl. oz.)  This essential oil blend is a unique formula for skin that looks and feels toned, firm and healthy. Perfect for adding an extra boost to your skin care regimen or for revitalizing the appearance of aging skin – this blend is perfect nutrition for the face! Apply a few drops to your face and neck after cleansing.

Clear Skin Cream (0.4 fl .oz.) – Quench dry skin while preventing unwanted breakouts with our breathable, lightweight moisturizer. Initially formulated for acne-prone skin types, Clear Skin Cream works great at calming the look of redness, sensitivity and other irritations that can pop up during the holiday season. Apply a pea-size amount to face and neck both morning and night, or as needed.

Holiday skin care gift set by source vital apothecary
Holiday Skin Care Gift Set
Holiday Skin Care Gift Set
Holiday Skin Care Gift Set