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Combination Skin Kit Complete

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This complicated skin type needs specific care. This kit will treat your skin to balance, toning, exfoliation, and nourishment!

This kit includes:

Algae Deep Cleanse (4.46oz)
Aromatic Emulsion Balance (4.46oz)
Toning Infusion (.34oz)
Sea Tonic (4.46oz)
Moisture Cream (2.4oz)
Geranium Cleanser (4.46oz)
Algae Serum Neroli (1.01oz)
Oil Control Infusion (.34oz)
Acne & Blemish Infusion (.34oz)
Silt Mask (2.3oz)
Silt Scrub (4.46oz)

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You are already washing your face in the morning and evening. This skin regimen will only add a couple of minutes to your current cleansing in the morning and evening.
Algae Deep Cleanse
Like no other cleanser you have used before, this active seaweed paste will tingle with active essential oils like Peppermint (to stimulate the blood and oxygen flow) and Geranium (to balance the skin). Use daily in the morning. We like to apply this to our faces first thing in the morning and rinse off in the shower. The Peppermint will wake you up!

Aromatic Emulsion Balance
This fragrant toner will balance your skin’s pH and help to clarify your skin with ingredients such as Lemon essential oil (for its antibacterial properties), Geranium (to balance), and Apricot Kernel oil (for its nourishing qualities). Apply daily, morning and night, after cleansing. Spray onto face and neck or spray onto cotton pad and apply to skin.

Toning Infusion
This facial serum if a blend of aromatic essential oils selected to tone, oxygenate, and stimulate the skin. An impressive revitalization and firmness results with daily use of Toning Infusion.

Sea Tonic Simple
In this kit, this purified seawater tonic is used along with the Toning Infusion to bring essential, but hard-to-find, trace minerals to your regimen. Sea Tonic will hydrate and remineralize the skin.

Moisture Cream
This light cream protects from pollutants. Again, we call on Laminaria extract to play an important part, with its hydration and regeneration. Apply a small amount as the last step in your skin regimen.

Geranium Cleanser
For normal skin, this fragrant cleansing milk is active with its Geranium essential oil, chosen for its balancing properties. This cleanser removes make-up and pollutants well without upsetting your skin’s pH balance. Cleanse face and neck, as the first step in your nightly regimen.

Algae Serum Neroli
Of all of our products, this may be the most remarkable for anti-aging. Algae extract and Aloe Vera blend with Green Tea and Cucumber extracts to produce "liquid gold". At night, apply a few drops while your skin is still slightly damp from cleansing. Your skin will quickly absorb this luxurious serum, leaving your skin soft and deeply hydrated. We have chosen Neroli, our precious Orange Blossom essential oil, for added regeneration. Watch your fine lines and wrinkles soften and diminish! Don’t forget your neck!

Oil Control Infusion
Infusion for us is a blend of specific essential and carrier oils, formulated to address a specific skin care issue. Oil Control is blended to balance and control the sebum (oil) production in your skin. This blend also guards against infection. Rosewood, Ylang Ylang, Grapefruit, Lemon, Geranium, Cedarwood, and Cypress, along with nutritious carrier oils, combine to decongest and clear your skin. Apply, along with Sea Tonic Simple, after cleansing in the morning and evening to oily areas. As skin balances, you may not wish to apply but once a day, preferably in the morning.

Acne & Blemish Infusion
This Infusion is an excellent spot treatment for blemishes, with its complex blend of essential oils such as versatile Lavender (for calming and healing), Tea Tree (for its germicical qualities), and Cypress (for its astringent and anti-inflammatory properties). Apply to blemishes as a spot treatment. Best if applied to clean skin.

Silt Mask
The job of a mask is to clear and strengthen the skin. This mask combines freshwater colloidal silt, jojoba seed oil, and an aromatherapy blend featuring Melissa. Treat your skin to this mask weekly.

Silt Scrub
Not like any exfoliant you have ever used, this gentle but powerful scrub is based in Freshwater Collodial Silt. This silt is rich in naturally-occuring humic acids. This is the ingredient that gives you the same benefits as AHAs. Anti-oxidant, this manual scrub is easy to use, especially when showering. Exfoliate once a week.