Aroma Mist

Aroma Spa / AromaMist Aromatherapy Diffuser

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You'll only need a half cup of water and your favorite essential oil or essential oil blend to kick start a luxurious aromatherapy experience. This ultrasonic Aromamist diffuser mists the air for up to 3 hours at a time continuously and 6 hours off and on. This diffuser also comes with a beautiful and stylish light feature to add to the decor of any room.


  • Has a suggested area of 150-200 sq ft.
  • Color modes include solid, rotating colors or off
  • UL approved AC adapter
  • Automatic shut off 
  • Comes in colors black and white
  • Weighs 1.35 lbs
Aroma Spa / AromaMist Aromatherapy Diffuser
Aroma Mist / Aroma Spa Aromatherapy Diffuser - Black