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Probiotics for Women – "Lady Bugs"

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Lady Bugs is a probiotic for women, designed to support vaginal health with the right kind of lady bugs: probiotics.

Probiotics do more than just support digestive health and have been shown in studies to support mood, immune, and yes - even vaginal health! Our blend of six lactobacillus probiotic strains in lady bugs contains probiotics studied for their ability to support vaginal health.

Probiotics are more effective with a good prebiotic. A prebiotic is a special type of soluble fiber that is used by the good bacteria as fuel. Lady Bugs contains the organic prebiotic, Jerusalem Artichoke Inulin.

As with all of Ora's products - this probiotic is 100% vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, non-GMO and contains no artificial ingredients.

30 servings, 60 vegan capsules. Serving size = 2 capsules.


Lady Bugs promotes optimal vaginal health while supporting a balanced flora and microbiome. A healthy balance of probiotics can offer protection against an overgrowth of opportunistic pathogens like candida.

This unique blend provides probiotics that can increase the presence of Lactobacilli, a bacterium that typically dominates a healthy vaginal microbiome

Directions: Take 2 capsules with a meal (or within 30 minutes of one). It doesn’t matter what time of day you take your probiotic, but make sure to take it every day at the same time.

Probiotics for Women  – "Lady Bugs"
Probiotics for Women  – "Lady Bugs" by Ora Organic

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